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Chichester, 1785
Type: Store-ship, 1793 ; late 5th rate ; Armament reduced to 20, 1793, late 44
Launched at Hitchenor : 1785 ; Disposal date or year : 1815
Tons (BM) : 901
Complement : 120, 1793 ; lately 300 ;

31 Jul 1794 detained the French sloop Serin off San Domingo when in company with the Intrepid ; later taken into the service as Serin.

1 Jan 1799 Store-ship ; Captain J. Stevens. At Spithead.

7 Dec 1800 Portsmouth, departed the Seahorse, Pique, Maidstone, Harpy, and Chichester and Serapis, store-ships, with 317 sail of merchantmen under convoy, for Lisbon, Oporto, and the Mediterranean. The Harpy is only to see them down Channel, and then return.

10 Dec 1800 Plymouth, passed by to Westward, the immense large convoys for Oporto, the Straits, Lisbon, and the West Indies, nearly 550 sail, under convoy of the Seahorse, 36, Maidstone 32, Alliance, 44, Chichester, 44, Serapis, 44, La Pique, 44, Harpy, 18, and Dromedary 34 ; a dead calm took them aback off the Edystone, and the whole horizon was covered with the floating commerce of Albion's proud Isles. The fog cleared off about noon, and presented with the setting sun, a spectacle from the high points of land, round this port, at once grand, picturesque, and interesting to every lover of his country's commerce and welfare. The wind sprung up at E S E and they went clean off the Dedman by day-break on the 11th.

19 Jan 1801 departed Falmouth with the Maidstone and a convoy for Lisbon and the Mediterranean, but were obliged to return due to contrary winds ; but, judging from the destination of the convoy in the next item, perhaps the Mediterranean is a little doubtful, although some convoys were made up of several convoys, which would divide as they progressed along their passage, and looking at where the Chichester and Alliance ended up, perhaps a part of the convoy was destined for the Med.

24 Jan 1801 the Seahorse departed Falmouth with the Maidstone, Chichester, and Alliance storeships, and the Fly, sloop of war, and a convoy for India and Africa.

16 Feb 1801 arrived in the Tagus at Lisbon the packet Earl Gower, Capt Marston, and whilst there the Maidstone, Chichester and Seahorse arrived with part of a convoy.

1 Mar 1801 per the packet Prince Adolphus, arrived Falmouth 14 Mar., she reports that the Seahorse, Chichester and Maidstone departed the Tagus with their convoys for Oporto and Gibraltar.

6 Mar 1801 the sloop Bonne Citoyenne arrived Malta, advises that a few days prior to her arrival the frigates Pique and Determinée had departed with a convoy of victuallers and store ships for the Fleet and Army on the Coast of Egypt and that the Seahorse and Chichester, acting as store ships, were expected at Malta shortly.

8 Mar to 2 Sep 1801 Services off the coast of Egypt.

7 Dec 1801 arrived in the Downs the Woolwich and Chichester with a convoy from the Mediterranean, all now in quarantine.

10 Dec 1801 remains in the Downs a dozen RN vessels accompanied by a number of East Indiamen ; wind West, moderate.

14 Dec 1801 all vessels arrived from Egypt are released from quarantine, and troops will be allowed to land tomorrow.

19 Dec 1801 departed the Downs for the River.

8 Feb 1802 departed Sheerness, the Woolwich, and Chichester, store ships, for Deptford.

25 Apr 1802 arrived Sheerness from the River Thames, and came into harbour.

4 June 1802 arrived at the Nore, the Chichester, with a view to her ship's company being paid, and will sail once this is completed, [and no doubt once any wives and relatives &c., have gone ashore having received their monies i.e. I gather that it wasn't unusual for some relatives to arrive on board a ship due to be paid, in order to get their hands on any monies due to them, rather than having to wait for remittances.]

16 Jun 1802 is ordered to be refitted for General Grenfield and suit, for their passage to Barbadoes.

21 Jun 1802 departed Sheerness this morning for the Nore, V.-Adm Graeme shifting his flag to the Clyde.

23 Jun 1802 came down from the Nore and passed through the Downs this morning, bound for Spithead.

10 Jul 1802 this morning as the Chichester's cutter, with 10 persons on board, went out to Spithead, with the wind blowing hard and the sea running high she filled and overset. However, the accident was observed by Mr Winlake, midshipman in command of a boat from the Constance, and they managed to get to the boat in time to save everyone, although Mr Luckey, master's mate, was sinking when he was hooked out of the water by the bowman of the assisting boat. However, he showed no signs of life and was taken to the Blue Posts, where he was recovered by the means prescribed by the Humane Society.

14 Jul 1802 departed Spithead the Chichester store ship, Captain Steven, for Barbadoes with Gen Grinfield and suite.

21 Aug 1802 General Grinfield and suite arrived, in the Chichester, at Martinico, on the 6th ult.

12 Oct 1802 departed Port Royal for Halifax.

20 Nov 1802 arrived Halifax, N.S., from Jamaica, following which a most malignant fever broke out and 64 of those on board, including Capt Steven ; Lieutenants Miller and Avery ; the surgeon, Mr D Miller ; the boatswain, Mr Hill ; Mid L. Luckey ; 27 seamen, and 29 soldiers of the 85th Regt., died.

1 Dec 1802 the ship has now been taken out of quarantine. Capt Spear of the Lilly has been promoted to the Chichester ; Lieut Compton of the Leander has been promoted to Commander, and apptd to the Lilly. Midshipmen Waller, Meath and Lewis of the Leander have been promoted Lieutenants ; and Mr Gibbs surgeon's mate apptd surgeon of the Chichester.

13 Feb 1803 arrived in the Motherbank, for quarantine, from the West Indies, last from Halifax, as a consequence of the dreadful fever which raged on board during her passage from Jamaica to Halifax.

22 Feb 1803 taken into Portsmouth harbour to be paid off.

28 Feb 1803 the Hampshire Telegraph reports that earlier in the week Capt Steven's effects were sunk in deep water at Spithead, per the orders of Capt Stiles of the Roebuck revenue cutter.

16 Apr 1803 the Chichester, Capt Spear, is taking in stores at Portsmouth for Gibraltar and the Mediterranean.

7 May 1803 the order for the Chichester to be taking stores as for 16 Apr above, has been countermanded, as has an order in continuation of the above to bring home the stores from on board the Victorious, remaining at Lisbon to be broken up in due course, and the Chichester is now, with the Alligator to be fitted with every possible haste to take in troops.

9 May 1803 orders have been received for the Royals, lately returned from Gibraltar, to be embarked on board the Chichester and Aigle. cancelled by next item ?

18 May 1803 departed Spithead with sealed orders.

Circa 14 Jul 1803 per a letter received from the Centaur it is reported that the Cyane joined the Centaur at Barbadoes with 2 French transports she'd detained, and 375 troops, and ordnance stores for Martinico. Since then the Chichester has arrived at Barbadoes from Spithead with the Royals.

Circa 1 Sep 1803 the Centaur, with passengers Gen Grinfield, and Commodore Hood, departed Barbadoes in company with the Chichester, Heureux, Alligator, and Netley, with the 1st Battn of the Royals ; and the 7th West Indian Regt, against Demerara.

Circa 3 Dec 1803 Midshipman Forster of the Centaur promoted Lieut and apptd to the Chichester.

24 Jan 1804 arrived Spithead the Chichester, departed Tortola with a convoy of 53 sail, but they became dispersed in the recent gales, and are some can be seen passing up the Channel occasionally. 5 of the ship's company of the Chichester were washed overboard and drowned in the gales.

28 Jan 1804 the Chichester parted one of her cables out at Spithead in the strong winds, but was soon brought up again. Ashore at Portsea, the Hard was flooded as were all the surrounding streets.

4 Feb 1804 came into Portsmouth harbour from Spithead.

15 Feb 1804 a court martial was held on board the Gladiator, at Spithead, on W Johnson, a seaman, of the Chichester, for desertion. On being found guilty he was sentenced to receive 50 lashes.

7 Apr 1804 departed Portsmouth harbour for Spithead.

Circa 9 Apr 1804 the Inflexible, Capt Bayley, and the Chichester, Capt Spear, are apptd to take troops on board for a foreign station, details not released.

19 May 1804 dropt down to St Helen's the Irresistible, Capt Bayley ; with the Chichester, Capt Spear ; the Prospero, Capt Humphries, to join the Athenian and Revolutionaire.

15 Sep 1804 returned to Spithead, having been replaced by the Success at St Helen's.

18 Sep 1804 dropped back down to St Helen's.

18 Dec 1804 came up from St Helen's, and departed Spithead, on a cruise.

May 1805 in the Downs.

Early 1807 lay alongside the navy-wharf at Gosport, Virginia ; hove down to be repaired, having got on shore in Hampton roads, has problems with deserters.

1 Jun 1807 C-in-C, North-American station issues an order to the captains under his command, directing, that, in case of meeting the American frigate Chesapeake at sea, and without the limits of the United States, they were to show to her captain that order, and to search his ship for deserters from the "Belleisle, Bellona, Triumph, Chichester, Halifax, and Zenobia cutter," and were to proceed and search for the same..

1810 Lent West India Dock.