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Childers, 1778
Type: Sloop ; Armament 16
Launched : 1778 ; Disposal date or year : 1811

2 Jan 1793 The first British naval vessel to receive the attention of French gunners whilst entering the port of Brest.

15 Feb 1793 captured the French privateer Patriote near Gravelines.

14 Mar 1793 Destroyed the French privateer Triton.

14 Sep 1796 captured the French privateer Bonne Espérance off Cape Barfleur.
The following appeared in the London Gazette :
Admiralty-Office, September 16, 1796.
Copy of a Letter from Captain Poyntz, Commander of HM Sloop Childsrs, to Evan Nepean, Esq., dated at Sea, off Cape Barfleur, September 14, 1796.
I Beg Leave to represent to you, for the Information of my Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty, that being this Morning off Cape Barfleur, I fell in with and captured the French Privateer Le Bon Esperance from Cherbourg, of Two Swivels and 25 Men, out Three Days ; had captured the Sloop Mary Ann, of Queenborough, from Plymouth which sloop, from the Account of the Privateers, I hope to fall in with. The Privateer I have sent to Portsmouth under the Charge of the Trial Cutter, who I fell in with bound to England the same day.
Childers at Sea, September 14, Ten o'Clock P.M.

Sir, in addition to my Letter of this Morning I have the Satisfaction to inform you, for their Lordships Information, that this Evening I fell in with and recaptured the Sloop Mary Anne of Queenborough, which was captured on Monday Evening by the French Privateer Bon Esperance, and which I captured this Morning. The above Vessel is laden with Naval and Ordnance Stores, from Plymouth, bound to Woolwich and London. The Trial Cutter being not yet out of Sight, I soall direct her Commander to take Charge of her to Portsmouth.
(Signed) I am, &c. S. Poyntz.

About the end of 1797 captured the French privateer Tartare in the Channel.

14 Oct 1797 Childers and Triton captured the French privateer Furet near Isle Bas.

4 Jan 1798 Childers, Cambrian, and Indefatigable captured the French privateer Vengeur, in the Channel.

3-4 Aug 1798 boats of the Melpomene and Childers captured the French 14-gun brig Aventurier from the port of Corigiou.

Childers 29 Mar 1799 Plymouth, departed with the Suffisante.

3 May 1799 joined the blockading Fleet off Cadiz with the news that 5 Spanish vessels had escaped from Ferrol. However, following the report from the Success that the French fleet had escaped from Brest and was heading south she was sent with despatches and a small convoy to Gibraltar. On arrival she was then sent to join the Edgar, watering at Tatuan.

14 Jun 1799 Plymouth, arrived with dispatches from Lord Keith respecting the passing of the French and Spanish fleet.

19 Jun 1799 in the Plymouth, Sound.

21 Jul 1799 Plymouth, departed with the Naiad, on a cruise.

25 Jul 1799 Plymouth, departed with the Swan cutter.

27 Sep 1799 Plymouth, arrived from off Brest with the Urania, Indefatigable, and Nymphe.

8 Oct 1799 Plymouth, departed for the Downs with the Lascelles East India store ship.

27 Feb 1800 Plymouth, departed with the Urania, Stag, and San Fiorenzo, on a cruise.

25 Mar 1800 Falmouth, arrived the Agamemnon, 64, and Clyde frigate, the former having struck on the Penmarks (it is said, the very same rock the Repulse was lost on) ; she was with difficulty kept above water, as when she arrived it was above the magazines. She fell in with the Childers off the land, from whom she received some assistance, and accompanied her into port. They were constantly pumping the whole of last night, assisted by the crews of two sloops of war lying here, and the Chatham guardship, and a part of the soldiers from Pendennis garrison ; notwithstanding which it was found this morning the water had increased three feet; but we learn, that towards the afternoon, the leaks had not gained on the men at the pumps ; it is therefore hoped they will be able to prevent her from sinking.

27 Mar 1800 Plymouth, came in the Lady Nelson, with fruit, captured by a French privateer, and re-captured by the Childers.

8 Apr 1800 Plymouth, departed with dispatches for the Straits.

11 Jul 1800 Plymouth, arrived from a cruise.

23 Oct 1800 at noon captured a Spanish lugger privateer named Diligente, mounting 2 x 4-pounders, 4 swivels, and 30 men ; had been out 2 days from Vigo, and had made no prize.

5 Feb 1801 arrived Spithead from Lisbon, from whence she departed three weeks since with twelve sail of transports and merchantmen under convoy, all of which went past for the Downs. Two days previous to her sailing, the Endymion frigate, the Thomas Williams, arrived there with his Royal Highness Prince Augustus on board.

28 Mar 1801 departed Plymouth Sound on a cruise to the Westward.

2 Jun 1801 arrived Plymouth Sound from a cruise.

1 Aug 1801 arrived Plymouth Sound from a cruise.

28 Aug 1801 came into Plymouth Sound from a cruise.

19 Sep 1801 arrived Plymouth the French brig Sally, cut out from Sables D'Olonne Bay, on the coast of France, on the 11th inst, by the ship's boats.

6 Nov 1801 departed Falmouth for Plymouth.

12 Nov 1801 arrived Plymouth Sound, from off Havre.

19 Nov 1801 remained in Torbay the Ville de Paris, Royal Sovereign, Prince of Wales, Neptune, Prince, Royal George, San Joseph, London, Magnificent, Bellerophon, Hercule, Donegal, Robust, Edgar, Belleisle, Courageux, Fisgard, Amelia, Indefatigable, Childers, Atlanta, Nimrod. The Nile cutter departing for Plymouth to be paid off.

28 Dec 1801 remained with the Channel Fleet in Torbay with the Ville de Paris.

1 Jan 1802 arrived Plymouth Sound from Torbay, to be paid and victualled, the Neptune, 98 ; Prince, 98, and Childers, 14.

5 Mar 1802 arrived Torbay from a cruise.

9 Mar 1802 the Wolverine departed Spithead to provide assistance to the Childers, reported to be ashore at the Needles.

11 Mar 1802 arrived Spithead, the Childers, Captain Crawford, in the company of the Wolverine, having been ashore on the Warren, but not receiving any material damage.

12 Mar 1802 departed Spithead for Torbay.

Circa 24 Apr 1802 Captain Pane apptd to the Childers, vice Crawford.

3 May 1802 the Barfleur, London, Irresistible, Ramillies, Magicienne, and Sirius, departed Torbay yesterday evening with a light air, to be paid off at Plymouth and Portsmouth, leaving just the fire ship Magaera, and sloops Childers, Atalante, and Sylph off Brixham.

9 May 1802 departed Torbay for Spithead.

10 May 1802 arrived Spithead the Childers, 16, Captain Crawford, from Torbay.

Circa 25 May 1802 Captain Delafons to the Childers.

29 Jul 1802 departed Spithead the Childers brig, Captain Delafons, on a cruise.

27 Aug 1802 went from the Sound into Cawsand Bay, the Childers, 14, to remain there during the stay of the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty and the Commissioners of the Navy, with the Rosario, 24.

28 Aug 1802 with the Rosario, saluted the Lords of the Admiralty and the Commissioners of the Navy when they visited Cawsand Bay to review the possibility of building a pier in the Bay.

20 Oct 1802 the Childers, 14, Capt Delafont, victualled for four months, and dispatches put on board, along with sealed orders regarding her destination, not to be opened until she reaches a certain latitude.

21 Oct 1802 the Venturer went from Stonehouse Poole into the Sound and sailed immediately : however the article noted that following her departure it blew a hurricane as S.S.W., and she was unlikely to have made much headway, if any, and it was also conjectured that the Childers, which had departed earlier, may also be in the same situation.

29 Oct 1802 the Childers returned with her dispatches, having suffered damage and thrown some of her guns overboard in a heavy gales experienced in the Bay of Biscay. It is thought that the Imogene may take her dispatches if a frigate from Portsmouth doesn't arrive in the interim ?

6 Nov 1802 reported to be in Stonehouse Pool.

Circa 21 Nov 1802 Captain Delafons, of the Childers, to the Dasher.

Circa 1 Aug 1803 Capt Sir W Bolton apptd to the Childers.

23 Aug 1803 fitting in Hamoaze and will soon be ready for sea.

4 Sep 1803 came down from Hamoaze, into Plymouth Sound, the Childers, Capt Sir W Bolton.

7 Sep 1803 departed Plymouth for Spithead, to join the convoy building up there for the Mediterranean.

May 1805 Mediterranean.

Jan 1808 in Leith roads.

14 Mar 1808 ship's boats capture a Danish galliot, partly laden with oil and fish.

14 Mar 1808 action with the Danish brig-corvette Lougen.

19 Oct 1808 captured the Danish privateer Frernskernsten, 4 guns 2 s. 21 men, on the Home station.