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Childers, 1812
Type: Brig-Sloop ; Armament 16
Launched : 1812 ; Disposal date or year : 1822

1805 Mediterranean

Portsmouth 23 Sep 1812 Will sail for Halifax, Bermuda, &c. with a convoy to-morrow morning, with the West Indies convoy.

Lymington 26 Sep 1812 arrived from Portsmouth, with convoys for the West Indies and Bermuda.

3 Nov 1812 the Childers, Acasta, Maidstone and Aeolus captured a U.S. privateer, the 10 gun schooner Snapper, with 90 men.

25 Feb 1813, arrived Halifax, from Bermuda.

20 Mar 1813, departed Halifax with the brig Sylph and a convoy for the West Indies.

Plymouth 11 May 1813 came in from Halifax, with dispatches.

Plymouth 26 May 1813 fitting in Barnpool for Halifax.

6 Oct 1813, arrived Halifax, from the Chesapeake, Capt. Bedford in cmd.

12-15 Sep 1814 Hermes, Carron, Sophie and Childers attacked Fort Bowyer, about six miles to the eastward of Mobile point, during which the Hermes went aground and had to be burnt.

Havanna 30 Nov 1814 arrived Halifax, yesterday from off Pensacola, and departed today for Bermuda.

26 Jan 1815, fell in with the brig Alligator, Smith, from Bermuda, to Halifax, out 6 weeks. The armed schooner accompanying the Childers was instructed to escort the Alligator into Nassau.

Portsmouth 21 Feb 1816 departed for Jamaica.

St. Kitt's 12 Apr 1817 Remains.

Early Jul 1817 arrived Barbadoes.