HMS Cockatrice and Hired Armed Brig Cockatrice

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Cockatrice, 1804
Type: Hired Armed Brig ; Armament 12 x 18 pdr carronades
Hired : 6 Aug 1804 ;
Disposal date or year : 1808
BM : 183;

Circa 31 Mar 1804 as appeared in the Hampshire Telegraph the following vessel was to be hired into the Service to be employed in the North Sea and Channel, to protect convoys, the hired armed ship Cockatrice, Commander Kempt.

19 Jun 1804 the Cockatrice, Capt Kemp, arrived Spithead, with a convoy from the Westward.

22 Jun 1804 departed the Cockatrice, with a convoy for Plymouth.

May 1805 at Spithead, per Steel's list of the RN.

June-Dec 1806 ADM 41/76 ; hired armed vessels, ships' musters for Cockatrice.

28 Aug 1807 with the Amazon in sight detained the Danish Ship Speculation.

30 Aug 1807 in Company with the Plover at the detention of the Danish Vessels George, Die Perle, Fortuna and Daphne.

25 Mar 1809 the proceeds resulting from the detention of Die Perle due for payment.