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Cockatrice, 1832
Type: Schooner ; Armament 6
Launched : 14 May 1832 ; Disposal date or year : 1858
BM: 182 tons

1830 Pembroke building as a brigantine

28 May 1832 has been launched at Pembroke, and is expected shortly at Plymouth, with a view to her being fitted out with the Viper as a packet for the service between Rio and Buenos Ayres [later note : although it would appear that the Viper was not employed on these duties].

14 Jul 1832 commissioned at Plymouth for use as a packet to run between Rio de Janeiro and Buenos Ayres.

1 Jan 1834 On the South America Station.

18 Sep 1835 arrived at Buenos Ayres.

Portsmouth 11 Jun 1836 is expected to be paid-off at Plymouth in the near future.

Portsmouth 5 Nov 1836 is expected shortly from Sheerness, en route for the South America.

25 Aug 1840 Plymouth, arrived from South America.

4 Sep 1840 Plymouth, departed on Saturday for Chatham to be paid off.

6 Mar 1841 Lieutenant J. Oxenham, appointed to command the Cockatrice.

6 Mar 1841 Gunner W. Wicks, appointed to the Cockatrice.

6 Mar 1841 Chatham, has been commissioned for foreign service, for South-America.

24 Apr 1841 having recently been commissioned, and manned in a few days after hoisting her pendants : the prospects of a warm weather and chance of prize money being great inducements to the blue jackets.

24 Apr 1841 Sheerness, is being fitted with lightning conductors.

29 Apr 1841 Gunner David Volume, appointed to Cockatrice ;

28 Apr 1841 at Chatham.

21 May 1841 arrived at Madeira, in 8 days from Plymouth.

20 Jan 1842 at Rio de Janeiro.

19 May 1842 was at Rio awaiting the arrival of the packet from England in order that she could depart for BA etc. with mail.

21 Sep 1842 at Rio.

C. 26 Apr 1842 (Branch packet on the S. America Station) departed Rio for the Rio Plata and to exchange mail with the Viper, presumably heading for the Pacific Coast of S America.

14 Jun 1844 at Rio de Janeiro (Lt Cdr Justus Oxenham)

20 Dec 1848 serving in the Pacific as a tender to HMS Asia.