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Cockchafer, 1794
Type: Hired Lugger ; Armament : 8
Hired : 1794 ; Disposal date or year : Nov 1801
Disposal Details : Lost in a gale near Guernsey : crew saved : Commanding Officer V. Philpot.

20 Sep 1797, account of the sales & net proceeds of the cargo of the Two Friends, taken by the Cockchafer in March last, will be deposited in the Registry of the High Court of Admiralty, agreeable to Act of Parliament.

1 Jan 1799 CO : T Edsell ; stationed : Plymouth (N.C.).

7 May 1799 in Hamoaze.

4 Jun 1800 Plymouth, a melancholy accident happened on board the Cockchafer armed lugger. As the crew were reloading their guns to complete the salute on his Majesty's anniversary, by accident, supposed owing to the vent not being stopped, two menís arms were carried away by the gun going off in running in. They were conveyed to the Royal Hospital, suffered amputation, and are in a fair way of recovery.

20 May 1801 departed Plymouth Sound for the coast of France, with the Clyde.

13 Jun 1801 came into Plymouth Sound with the Thames frigate, to join sir James Saumarez's squadron. She came to off Cawsand Bay.

21 Jun 1801 came into Plymouth Sound from the squadron under Captain Cunningham, which were going to block up the harbour of Havre-de-Grace, where there were several frigates and gun-boats.

22 Jun 1801 arrived Plymouth Sound with news that the Loire frigate had got aground off Havre and had been captured by 2 French frigates etc. Not true as it happens......just delayed a little by the tides, having had had a peek in the harbour.

20 Nov 1801 by letters received Plymouth from Jersey it appears the Cockchaffer lugger foundered in the gale of wind of the 1st inst. all hands saved.

Cockchafer, 1812
Type: Schooner ; Armament : 5
Taken : 1812 ; Disposal date or year : 1815

11-13 Jul 1813 a part of a squadron bringing troops to take Ocracoke, on the North-Carolina coast, during which the Atlas and the Anaconda, both letters of marque, were captured and subsequently taken into the Service, the Anaconda, by her own name, and the Atlas, by the name of St.-Lawrence.

3 Dec 1814 captured a U.S. privateer, the 4 gun schooner Aurora, with 20 men.