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Collingwood, 1841
Type: 3rd rate ; Armament 80 (4 x 68 pdr, 68 x 32 pdr, 4 x 18 pdr guns, 4 x 32 pdr carronades.)
Launched as a sailing ship: 17 Aug 1841 ; Disposal date or year : 1867
BM: 2585 tons
Propulsion: Sail - Screw Complement: 750
Machinery notes: 400

31 Jul 1841 it has been announced that 120 men of the Ordinary (Reserve Fleet) are to go to Pembroke to bring the Collingwood back to Portsmouth to be fitted out.

7 Aug 1841 Portsmouth, the Lively lighter is to sail as soon as the weather moderates, for Milford, with men from the Victory, and dockyard to attend the launching, rigging, and bringing here, of the Collingwood, 80.

5 Sep 1841 arrived Spithead from Pembroke, and was brought into harbour the following day.

11 Jun 1842 rumours abound that the guns of the Vengeance and Collingwood are being got ready on the gun wharf at Portsmouth.

10 Oct 1842 to be fitted as an "Advanced Ship," at Portsmouth, her masts, spars, and rigging, are to be prepared, fitted, ticketed, and housed in the Dockyard, and the ships are to have their bulk heads put up, their anchors, chain cables, and tanks on board, and their armament is to be kept ready in the Gun Wharf.

17 Aug 1844 Collingwood, 80, Capt R Smart, K.H., This officer superseded Captain Eden, whose health will not admit of his retaining command of this splendid ship. She is in all respects ready for sea, the crew paid, with the admiral's baggage onboard, and is now awaiting the arrival of Sir Geo. H Seymour to embark and proceed on his destination. United Services Gazette. 17 Aug.

8 Sep 1844 Collingwood left Gravesend for the South America Station

15 Jun 1845 Rear Admiral Sir George Seymour had gone in the Collingwood, taking the Modeste with him, to meet the French Admiral at Tahiti, to arrange about the indemnity to our late Consul, Mr. Pritchard. It was understood that the Commander-in-Chief was going afterwards to the Sandwich Islands, and then to California, and the West Coast of Mexico.

1846 Pacific and Otaheite Station

Feb 1847 Saved Chilian frigate from fire in adjacent vessel : helped slip her mooring and towed her out of danger - the vessel was loaded with a large quantity of gunpowder at the time.

25 Mar 1847 R.-Adm Sir G Seymour intended boarding with family, for Callao.

28 Jun 1847, at Callao, when the survey vessels Herald and Pandora arrived from Panama.

2 Dec 1847 Carysfort departed from Valparaiso on the 2nd of December in company with the Collingwood, 80, and the Constance, 50, and parted company on the 5th.

17/18 July 1848 Paid off at Portsmouth - see St Vincent for article from the Morning Chronicle dated 17 Jul 1848

20 Dec 1848 Portsmouth.

23 Mar 1860 Sheerness, commenced conversion to screw steamship.

9 Aug 1861 undocked.

Length of gun deck:190 ft
Length of keel: 153
Breadth extreme: 57
Depth of hold: 23' 4 "
Draft of water forward: 23 6
Draft of water aft 24 11
Length of main mast 119'
Diameter 40 "
Length of main-top mast 69
Diameter 21
Length of maintop gallant mast 34
Diameter 12
Length of main yard 103
Diameter 25
Length of main-top-sail yard 74
Diameter 16
Length of maintop gallant yard 46
Diameter 10
Yards of canvas 12,947
Spare set 7,844
Total 20,7 91.
Lower deck 8x8 inchx65 cwt. + 20x32 prs.x56cwt.
Main deck 4x8 inch x 65 cwt.+ 24x32 prs.x 50 cwt.
Upper deck 24x32 prs x 41cwt.
Total 80
Officers: 30
Subordinate officers: 27
Petty officers and seamen: 483
Marines: 150
Boys: 60
Total: 750