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Colossus, 1882
Type: Battle Ship, 1st Class, Armoured ; Armament 23
Launched : 21 Mar 1882 ; Disposal date or year : 6 Oct 1908
Displacement: 9420 tons
Propulsion: Double Screw Complement: 396
Machinery notes: 7500 hp ; Speed ; 15.5 knots ;
1879 Building at Portsmouth
13 Apr 1886 Commissioned at Portsmouth
1890 Mediterranean
1890 Due to recommission on the station.
26 Jun 1897 Present at the Naval Review at Spithead in celebration of the Diamond Jubilee.
27 Jun 1900 Devonport. Orders received for a naval mobilization to take place on Tuesday, July 10th - see below for details.
DNS 27 Jun 1900
The Naval Manoeuvres: Date of Mobilization Fixed.

Definite orders were received at Devonport yesterday from the Admiralty that the naval mobilization will take place on Tuesday, July 10th. The ships to be mobilized at that port are the battleship Colossus, now acting as tender to the gunnery ship Cambridge, but to have an independent command during the manoeuvres, the cruisers Aeolus, Apollo, Romache, Phoebe, Rainbow, Retribution, Blake, Edgar, Sirius and Talbot ; the torpedo gunboats Antelope, Renard, Sharpshooter, Skipjack, and Speedwell ; and eight torpedo boats.

The official list of the ships to be mobilised for the naval manoeuvres has been issued at Portsmouth. The vessels to be specially commissioned are: the battleships Sultan (third class) and Hero ; the first class cruisers Ariadne and Gibraltar ; the second-class cruisers Gladiator, Naiad, Latona, Brilliant and Medea ; the torpedo boat Hecla ; the torpedo gunboats Jaseur, Spanker, Sheldrake, and Leda ; and torpedo boats Nos. 42, 49, 50, 59, 66, 71, 76, 77, 81, 82, 93, and 84.

At Sheerness and Chatham the ships to be specially commissioned are the second class battleships Dreadnought, Edinburgh and Superb ; the cruisers Immortalite, Blenheim, Mersey, Perseus, Prometheus, Pioneer and Hawke ; torpedo boats Nos. 63, 64, 68 and 74. The cruiser Medusa, drill ship of the Naval Reserve, and torpedo gunboats Gleanor, Alarm, and Circe are also to be commissioned. The channel fleet, under Vice-Admiral Sir Harry Rawson, is to assemble at Portland, and the reserve fleet under Vice Admiral Sir Gerald Noel, at Torbay, on the 5th July,