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Commerce de Marseilles, 1793
Type: 1st rate ; Armament 120
Taken : 1793 ; Disposal date or year : 1802
Disposal Details : Broken up and her timber used to repair vessels requiring maintenance.
BM: 2747 tons

18 Dev 1793 Taken at Toulon, but never departed forth as a cruiser in the service of England.

17 - 18 Nov 1795, Rear-adm. Christian's squadron of eight sail of the line and fleet of 200 transports departed for the West Indies only to meet one of the worst gales in the English Channel in living memory and returned to Spithead leaving a number of transports lying splintered on the Chesil Bank between Portland and Bridport. The Commerce-de-Marseille, which had originally formed a part of this fleet, landed her cargo and never went to sea again.

Circa Jun 1800 Lieutenant G. Searle, of the Commerce de Marseilles, to be one of the Lieutenants of the Royal Naval Hospital, Plymouth, vice Lieutenant Hayter, deceased.

14 Mar 1802 in Hamoaze.

12 Jul 1802 the shipwrights have gone on board to commence breaking up La Commerce at the jetty.

4 Aug 1802 La Commerce de Marseilles, 120, is now alongside the North Jetty Head ; her upper deck and upper works are to be ripped off to lighten her, previous to her going into dock to be ripped up ; her materials sold, as she is too much hogged to be worth the enormous expence of repair.

25 Aug 1802 this forenoon the Mars, 74, which has been in dock some time past, in coming out of dock to make room for the Commerce de Marseilles, 120, received some damage, which has hogged her a little. The Commerce now occupies her dock, and is to he broken up and sold as old timber.

11 Oct 1802 the Mars, 74, hogged some weeks since in hauling out of dock at Plymouth to make room for the Commerce de Marseilles, to be broken up, is now in dock, and almost repaired.

11 Oct 1802 it is reported that timbers from the Commerce de Marseilles, recently broken up at Plymouth, are being used, where suitable, to repair HM ships being brought into Dock at Plymouth for refit.