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Comus, 1832
Type: Sloop ;
Disposal date or year : 1862
BM: 462 tons

16 Oct 1832 Comet (1828) renamed Comus.

29 Dec 1832 in Hamoaze. Has been slated in to go out to Plymouth Sound 4 Jan., to await orders.

7 Mar 1833 at a Court Martial held on board the San Josef, in Hamoaze, Plymouth, Lieutenant James Fox Campbell, of the Comus, was found guilty of 2 out of 3 charges of disobedience by failing to return on board when he was aware the ship was under sailing orders and was sentenced to be severely reprimanded.

Falmouth 11 Mar 1833 arrived from Plymouth, bound to the West Indies.

Falmouth 15 Mar 1833 departed.

Madeira 26 Mar 1833 arrived and departed the following day for Jamaica.

Barbadoes 6 July 1833 Refitting.

Jamaica 12 Jul 1833 arrived from Barbadoes.

Barbadoes 5 Feb 1834 Is reported to be at Port Royal, under orders for the Leeward Islands.

Halifax 21 Oct 1834 Refitting following a period employed on fishery protection duties on the coast of Newfoundland and Labrador.

7 May 1835 reported to be with a squadron at Barbadoes.

Jamaica 28 Apr 1835 is reported to have returned to Barbadoes having been employed in attempting to intercept those involved in the inter-island slave trade at St Thomas's and Porto Rico, and is reported to have had some success, with Captain Hamilton attempting to bring some of those involved to trial.

21 Jun 1835 departed Barbadoes for Jamaica.

19 Jul 1835 reported to be at Port Royal.

Prior to 7 Aug 1835 is reported to have departed from Jamaica on a cruise.

16 Aug 1835 departed Jamaica for Honduras.

23 Oct 1835 arrived at Jamaica from Havannah.

Circa 2 May 1836 reported to be at Jamaica .

Portsmouth 6 Aug 1836 it is reported that the Comus has arrived Plymouth from Tampico, where Charles Ross Price, mate ; John Aishton and Henry Baker, crew, were drowned in a boating accident.

Jamaica 26 Jun 1837 departed for Carthagena.

12 Sep 1838 seized Portuguese slave schooner Ingemane, Antonio Joaquim de Faria, master, lat. 20 09' 55" N., long. 82 59' 30" W., with 82 slaves on board, sailing under Portuguese colours, bound from Rio Nunez to Havana. The Ingemane being in an unseaworthy condition and short of victuals and water, was supplied with water and provisions and taken to Havana where she was formally surveyed by Mr. Thomas A. Wemyss, Master of the Comus, and the Carpenters of H.M. Ships Belvidera, Wanderer, and Comus and found to be unfit to sail to Sierra Leone and was therefore sent on 24 Sep., with the slaves to Nassau, New Providence, where the 82 Boxal Negroes were landed, and matter sent with the Mate, Mr. Francis Freeling, to Sierra Leone for adjudication by the British and Portuguese Mixed Court who dealt with the matter on 10 Nov 1838, where she was condemned for being engaged in the illicit traffic in slaves and the surviving 79 negroes emancipated, 3 having died before adjudication, the schooner and stores being left at Nassau, New Providence, in charge of the Comptroller of Customs, and commission issued for the sale thereof.

16 Jan 1839 at Jamaica.

25 May 1840 departed from Jamaica for Hayti.

27 Jul 1840 departed from Jamaica for Carthagena;

28 Aug 1840, at Jamaica.

13 Sep 1840 departed from Port Royal.

25 Sep 1840 arrived Belize.

30 May - 12 Jun 1841 was reported to be at Vera Cruz when the Ranger called there.

24 Jul 1841 arrived at Jamaica, from the Havannah, with 270,000 dollars.

5 Aug 1841 departed from Barbadoes.

18 Sep 1841 was at Port Royal, Jamaica.

12 Oct 1841 Mate P W. Coventry, late Comus, passed for Lieutenant at the Naval College.

1 Nov 1841 was reported to be at Jamaica when the packet Pandora departed the Barbadoes for England.

4 Jan 1842, departed from Jamaica for Carthagena.

21 Apr 1842 departed Bermuda for Portsmouth.

11 May 1842 arrived Spithead from the West Indies with specie of $250,000 on a/c of the Colonial Bank.

14 May 1842 departed Spithead for Chatham to be paid off.

Oct 1842 assisted with the Salvage of the Palinurus off the Coast of Honduras, and the Admiralty Court agreed that the sum of 300 offered by the company was insufficient and that a total of 1,200 would be a more appropriate reward taking into account the dangerous coast on which they were having to operate and the value of the salvaged vessel of 4,116, including freight.

Aug 1845 - Jun 1846, operations with the French, against renegade Uruguayan, Oribe, and Don Juan Manuel de Rosas, up the River Parana. See p. 336-345 at at

1846 South America and River Plate

20 Dec 1848 Sheerness.

Oct 1856 Hong Kong ship's boats detached up the river to Canton, where, with other boats of the squadron, the various Chinese forts guarding the river were captured.

12 Nov 1856 Canton (Cdr R. Jenkins).

8 Jan 1857 British forces commenced withdrawal from off Canton, to Hong Kong, although the Comus appears to have remained anchored in the River, off the City, until May.

10 May 1857 Hong Kong.

25 May 1857 Amoy.

28 Nov 1857 Amoy, and departed shortly for Hong Kong.

26 Jan 1858 Left Hongkong for UK.

1 Oct 1856 - 26 Jun 1858 Parliamentary Grant of 33,000, for services (in lieu of Prize Money) on the China Station to be divided between 56 Vessels

1860 Chatham

10 May 1862 Chatham. Completed breaking up, per Parliamentary estimates etc. 1861-62.