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Confiance, 1805
Type: Ship ; Armament 24 (22 carronades, 18-pdrs ; 2 sixes) - although also described as an 18.
Taken : 4 Jun 1805 ; Disposal date or year : 1810
BM: 490 tons
Complement: 140

4 Jun 1805 Loire's ship's boats capture the fort at Muros, the French privateer Confiance ; the privateer brig Belier, and a Spanish merchant brig. The Confiance was purchased into the Service.

18 Aug 1807 ship's boats cut out the lugger privateer Reitrada.

Early Nov 1807 departed as a part of a squadron under R.-Adm. Sir W. S. Smith, for the Tagus, where they commenced a blockade on the 17th.

29 Nov 1807 escorted the Portuguese Royal Family to lat. 37 47' N., long. 14 17' W., where, having detached 3 ships, R.-Adm. Smith returned to blockade the Tagus, now occupied by a Russian squadron, where he was joined by a squadron under Commod. P Halkett.

13 Feb 1808 ship's boats captured the French gun-vessel No. 1, off the Tagus.

Jun 1808 off the island of Trinidada, in the South Atlantic, in lat. 20 34' S., long. 28 22' W., per p. 231, in company with the Hyacinth, per p. 231, Naval Chronicle, vol 37, 1837.

8-15 Dec 1808 with 2 Portuguese brigs and troops formed a part of an expedition to take possession of the district of Oyapok in French Guyane, and on the 15th reduced that of Approuak.

6 Jan 1809 the expedition next proceeded to take possession of the French settlement of Cayenne.

22 Nov 1809, Portsmouth, passed up the Channel with a convoy from Brazil.