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Confiance, 1814
Type: ? ; Armament 37

Lake Champlain, 25 Aug 1814 the Confiance launched in the vicinity of Isleaux-Noirs. 26 long 24-pounders on the main deck, also two 32-pounder carronades through her bow, and two of the same through her stern ports. Upon the poop were mounted, en barbette, four 24-pounder carronades, and upon the topgallant forecastle, two 24-pounder carronades, and one long 24 on a traversing carriage.

Lake Champlain, 11 Sep 1814 made sail towards Plattsburg bay to engage the US vessels, and eventually, being in a defenceless state, hauled down her colours; thus affording the extraordinary instance of a ship being launched, fitted, fought, and captured, within the short space of 16 days.

1814-1815 details of charges to be brought against General Sir George Prevost by Commodore Sir James Lucas Yeo, justice being interrupted in its course by the death of Sir George.

28 Aug 1815, Captain Pring, and the surviving officers and crews late belonging to the British Lake Champlain squadron, were tried by court-martial on board the Gladiator at Portsmouth.