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Conflict, 1801
Type: Gun-brig ; Armament 12
Launched : 1801 ; Disposal date or year : 24 Oct 1804
Disposal Details : Wrecked in chase of the enemy, near Nieuport : crew saved Lieut Charles C Ormsby (Vol iii, Appendix No 31)

19 Jun 1801 remains at Sheerness.

30 Jun 1801 the Conflict, Lt Dodd, was paid at Sheerness this morning and sails immediately for the Downs.

25 Sep 1801 arrived Sheerness, the gun brig Conflict, Lt Dodd, from a cruise having sprung her main mast and carried away her main top gallant mast in a gale. She has come into the Little Nore to be repaired.

3 Oct 1801 departed Sheerness, the Constant, Lt Grove, with the Conflict, Lt Dodd, on a cruise off Flushing.

24 Nov 1801 arrived Sheerness with drafts of seamen for the Ardent, and departs in the morning with supernumeraries from the Zealand for Deptford.

23 Dec 1801 arrived Sheerness, from Deptford, with a draft of seamen from the Star brig, for the Batavier, lying at the Nore. She later departed Sheerness for Chatham with a draft of Marines.

8 Jan 1802 to depart Sheerness this evening for the River the gun brigs Constant, Manley, Conflict, Pouncer, and Haughty, with seamen to be put on board the newly built Plantagenet, laying at Woolwich, to bring her down to the Nore. Wind ENE, Moderate.

8 Feb 1802 arrived in the Downs from Sheerness and remains.

15 Feb 1802 dropped down to the Small Downs.

11 Mar 1802 remains in the Downs with the St Albans, &c..

6 Apr 1802 remains in the Downs the St Albans, 74 ; Amazon, frigate ; Hound, sloop ; Conflict, Monkey, and Vixen gun-vessels ; and Ranger, store-brig.

20 Apr 1802 Adm Lutwidge struck his flag yesterday evening, and this morning the St Albans departed the Downs for Chatham, to be paid off, and the Amazon, frigate ; Eugenie, sloop ; Conflict, Monkey, and Vixen gun-vessels remain.

3 May 1802 the Amazon, Capt Sutton, remains in the Downs, with the sloop Eugenie, and gun brigs Monkey, Lt Weir ; and Conflict, Lt Dodd.

16 May 1802 remain in the Downs the frigates Amazon, and Phoebe ; sloop Eugenie, brig Anacreon ; and gun brigs Monkey, Vixen and Conflict.

17 Jun 1802 remains in the Downs the Anacreon with the Vixen and Conflict.

23 Jun 1802 arrived in the Downs from a cruise, and remains with the Conflict.

24 Jun 1802 a boat belonging to the Conflict, lying in the Downs, overset, and 3 men were drowned.

26 Jun 1802 departed the Downs for Sheerness.

29 Jun 1802 arrived Sheerness from Harwich.

1 Dec 1802 the Morning Post reports that the gun brigs Basilisk, Minx and Conflict had been sent to Shields, Northumberland, circa 13 Nov 1802, which were present when merchant seamen at the port rioted about the low level of wages being paid, (they and are asking five guineas for a London voyage), and committed acts of violence, such as dragging men out of ships, preventing the vessels from sailing. The Mayor negotiated with the seamen and ship owners with a view to attempting to resolve the differences between the two parties, and tranquility appeared to have been restored. However, the wind prevented the vessels ready to sail from sailing, and the violence reared its head again, but with the presence of the Mayor, and Newcastle Magistrates, and assistance from the gun brigs "everything was kept tolerably quiet." One of the ringleaders of the strike, a deserter from HM Navy, surrendered himself, and gave the names of the men most active in the strike to the authorities and measures were taken to detain them and bring them before the Magistrates, with a view to preserving the peace. It was noted in the article that the sailors do not "stang" those who refuse to join them, but force them to march in the streets with their faces blacked, and jackets inside out. [I assume that the word "stang" is used in the context of "sting," ie to wound or injure ?]. Some of the pressed men serving on board the above vessels took the opportunity of the riots to desert, but their actions were noted by the seamen and had their faces blacked etc., and were compelled to join the marches in the streets for the rest of the day.

6 Jan 1803 the Conflict, lying at Sheerness.

16 Aug 1803 arrived in the Downs from a cruise.

17 Aug 1803 departed the Downs, the Jackall and Conflict, on a cruise to the Coast of France.

3 Sep 1803 departed Sheerness.

4 Sep 1803 remain in the Downs the Monarch, Adm Lord Keith ; Utrecht, R.-Adm Montague, Capt Rogers ; Raisonable, Capt Hotham ; Immortalite, Capt Owen ; Ranger, Capt Coote ; Sulphur, Capt McLeod ; and Conflict, Mariner, Speculation, gun brigs ; the transports Comet, Canada, Aurora, and Minerva, under the command of Capt Watson, RN.

6 Sep 1803 departed the Downs, the Conflict, Mariner, Speculator, gun brigs, and the Millbrook schooner for on a cruise.

Circa 17 Sep 1803 Lieut Chambers apptd to the Conflict gun-vessel.

21 Sep 1803 arrived in the Downs the Immortalite, Autumn, and Amaranthe ; Fury and Explosion, bombs ; Mariner, Conflict, and Jackall, gun brigs ; and Millbrook schooner, from the French coast.

25 Sep 1803 the Discovery and Conflict departed the Downs on a cruise.

27 Sep 1803 further to the next item the Hampshire Telegraph lists the following vessels as being involved: the Leda, Capt Honeyman, commodore of the squadron made up from the frigate Diana, Capt Maling ; sloop Autumn, Capt Jackson ; gun brigs Conflict, Archer and Bloodhound ; and the bombs Tartarus, and Discovery ; along with a number of unnamed cutters attacked Calais :

27-29 Sep 1803 attacks on gun-boats along the French coast.

10 Oct 1803 arrived in the Downs from a cruise.

12 Oct 1803 remain in the Downs the Monarch, Right Hon Adm Lord Keith ; Utrecht, R.-Adm Montague, Capt Rogers ; Diana, Capt Maling ; Ranger, sloop, Capt Coats ; Squirrel ; Autumn, Capt Jackson ; Vesuvius, Capt O'Brien, bomb ; Sulphur, Capt M'Leod ; Archer, Conflict, Monkey, and Sterling, gun brigs ; the latter from a cruise.

18 Oct 1803 arrived in the Downs from Sheerness.

18 Nov 1803 departed the Downs the Immortalite, Trompeuse, Lark and Lynx, sloops, Conflict, Mariner, and Bloodhound, gun brigs, and Viper cutter, on a cruise off the Coast of France.

29 Nov 1803 departed the Downs on a cruise to the Westward.

2 Dec 1803 arrived in the Downs last night from a cruise.

4 Dec 1803 departed the Downs with a convoy to the westwards.

15 Dec 1803 remains in the Downs.

9 Feb 1804 came into Portsmouth Harbour from Spithead the Conflict, Lieut Chambers.

Circa 26 May 1804 Lieut Ormsby apptd to the Conflict, in command.

23 Oct 1804 the loss of gun-brig Conflict in a coastal action near Ostende.