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Conflict, 1805
Type: Gun Brig ; Armament 12
Disposal date or year : 9 Nov 1810
Disposal Details : Foundered in the bay of Biscay. Lieutenant Joseph B. Batt

May 1805 Building

7 Mar - Apr 1809 had arrived in Basque roads. 11 Apr the use of fire ships, explosion-vessels, and Congreve rockets against the French fleet at Basque roads and the results thereof. 12 Apr attempt made to destroy grounded French vessels, following the previous night's attack. 13 Apr further attempt made to destroy grounded French vessels.

9 Nov 1810 whilst cruising in company with the Arethusa off the North Coast of Spain they were caught in a violent gale and the Conflict was last seen to be in much distress as night fell, since when no further news has been received.