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Congo, 1816
Type: Survey schooner ; Armament 1
Acquired : 11 Jan 1816 ; BM: 83 tons
Propulsion: Paddle

28 Sep 1815 commissioned by Commander James H. Tuckey with a view to exploring the lower reaches of the River Congo, in company with the transport Dorothy.

1816 engine removed

16 Feb 1816 departed Deptford for Sheerness where the crew were paid 6 months wages in advance and 2 of the crew deserted.

25 Feb 1816 departed the Nore for the Downs.

28 Feb 1816 departed the Downs for Plymouth where 2 seamen were recruited to replace those lost at Sheerness.

5 Mar 1816 departed Plymouth for Falmouth.

9 Mar 1816 departed Falmouth, but conditions deteriorated and returned.

19 Mar 1816 departed for the R. Zaire (aka Congo).

2 Apr 1816 sighted Palma.

11 Apr 1816 departed Porto Praya.

Circa 6 Jul 1816 arrived in the R. Congo, but due to currents and lack of wind was unable to proceed very far up the river during the first few days.

19 Jul 1916 made some headway up-river.

4 Oct 1816 Commander Tuckey and Lieutenant Hawkey along with 4 officers died up-river of fever.

The Naval Chronicle advises that the Master, Mr. Lewis Fitzmaurice, brought the survivors and the Congo back to England : see also "Narrative of an Expedition to Explore the River Zaire" on Google Books.