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Conquestador, 1810
Type: 3rd rate ; Armament 74
Launched : 1 Aug 1810 ; Disposal date or year : 1897
BM: 1773 tons

Portsmouth 21 Mar 1811 Went out of harbour.

Deal 5 Apr 1811 arrived with a convoy from Portsmouth.

Deal 25 Sep 1811 arrived from off Flushing.

Portsmouth 3 Oct 1811 arrived from off Flushing.

Portsmouth 6 Nov 1811 Is ordered to Plymouth, whence she proceeds to Basque Roads.

Portsmouth 8 Nov 1811 departed on a cruise.

Portsmouth 17 Nov 1811 departed for the Channel fleet.

Falmouth 23 Mar 1812 Whilst in tow of the Rota frigate and attempting to put in here, the wind increased, sending them to the leeward of this port about two miles, on to a lee-shore. For her own safety the Rota was obliged to drop the tow and make for the harbour, which she could just fetch. The Conquestador anchored, fortunately in good ground, and has rode very well to the present time, but is making water, and is receiving assistance from ashore in pumping etc. In Lloyds List the Conquestador is reported to have been ashore.

Plymouth 2 Apr 1812 arrived from Falmouth, under tow of the Rota frigate.

Plymouth 26 May 1812 Paid wages in Cawsand Bay, and is expected to sail this evening for off Brest.

Plymouth 18 Jun 1812 arrived last evening, forced in by contrary winds. They will sail as soon as the wind turns fair.

Plymouth 10 Sep 1812 arrived from off Brest.

Plymouth 29 Dec 1812 arrived from Brest.

Plymouth 11 Jan 1813 Remains.

Plymouth 26 Jan 1813 departed to join the Channel fleet.

Plymouth 31 Jul 1813 departed for the coast of France.

Plymouth 26 Jan 1814 Taken and sent in the armed schooner Havannah.

Cork 8 Feb 1814 arrived from Portsmouth to take charge of the convoy to sail on 25 for the West Indies, weather permitting.

Havannah 16 Jul 1814 departed with a convoy for England.

Dartmouth 31 Aug 1814 Passed by with the Jamaica convoy.

Portsmouth 6 Sep 1814 arrived, last from St. George's Channel, whither she convoyed the homeward-bound trade, and has gone to the Motherbank to perform quarantine.

Portsmouth 18 Sep 1814 departed for Chatham.

Deal 20 Sep 1814 arrived from Portsmouth.

1830 Re-rated as a 50, Sheerness

1831 4th rate.

Jan 1848 Sheerness,

20 Dec 1848 Sheerness.

1860 Powder (hulk) Depot, Woolwich

1870 Powder Depot, Devonport

1879 Powder Depot, Devonport

1890 Powder Depot, Devonport