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Constance, 1797
Type: 6th rate ; Armament 24
Taken : from the French : 1797 ; Disposal date or year : 12 Oct 1806
Disposal Details : Captured after getting on shore in action, in the bay of Erqui, coast of France. Captain Alexander Saunderson Burrowes

9 Mar 1797 San Fiorenzo and Nymphe capture the French frigate Résistance and corvette Constance, the latter being purchased into the RN under her French name.

29 Jun 1800 in company with the Anson, captured the Spanish privateers El Severo, 10 swivels, 26 men, and Gibraltar, 4 guns, 50 men.

13 Jul 1800 captured the French privateer Jupiter in the Mediterranean.

14 Dec 1800 whilst cruising the Concorde spoke to HM ships Flora and Constance, with a convoy from Lisbon to Gibraltar and Malta.

18 Mar 1801 arrived Spithead with dispatches from the Mediterranean.

21 Mar 1801 Tallien and suite landed at Portsmouth.

15 Apr 1801 departed Spithead with a convoy for Lisbon.

17 Apr 1801 arrived Torbay with the outward bound Oporto and Lisbon convoy of about 80 vessels, and awaits the arrival of the Eurydice, Capt Bathurst, from Plymouth with the remainder of the vessels to make up the convoy.

18 Apr 1801 departed Torbay in company with her convoy and joined the Eurydice and the Oporto and Lisbon convoy now off Torbay, making a total of about 150 sail.

2 May 1801 the Constance remained in the Tagus when the packet Prince of Wales departed for Falmouth.

7 Jun 1801 captured the Spanish privateer Venture, lugger, 2 x 6 pdrs., 27 men, off Vigo.

8 Jun 1801 captured his Catholic Majesty's cutter Al Duides, of 8 guns and 69 men, having left Vigo in the morning, bound with dispatches for the Havannah, which were thrown overboard during the chase.

26 Jun 1801 arrived Sheerness the Constance, Lt Bruce ; and the Charger, Lt King, gun brigs, from Woolwich.

2 Jul 1801 came into Plymouth Sound the Harmony and Recovery, two brigs from Oporto, with 600 pipes of port wine, for the merchants of this town. They left Oporto the 19 Jun., under convoy of La Constance, of 24 guns, Captain Zachary Mudge, and a schooner with 82 sail, all deeply laden with Port Wine. Captain Mudge dispatched the Speedwell schooner, with 36 sail on the 2d inst, off the chops of the Channel, for Bristol, Liverpool, &c. The very great activity of Captain Mudge in convoying out safe from Falmouth on the 3d of April, the outward bound ships for Lisbon and Oporto, and also collecting at Vienna some ships with brandy, for the latter Port, without which the wines could not have been got ready to come home with the convoy, received the thanks of the British Consul and the Factory, at both Lisbon and Oporto, for his promptness in preserving the commerce of old England.

3 Jul 1801 arrived Spithead a Spanish brig, laden with the produce of the West Indies, prize to the Constance.

5 Jul 1801 arrived Spithead the Spanish brig El Conception, with flour and wheat, prize to the Constance.

5 Jul 1801 departed the Downs for Sheerness with the homeward bound convoy from Oporto, 50 sail, which have sailed for the River.

10 Jul 1801 departed the Downs for Spithead.

19 Jul 1801 dropped down from Spithead to St Helen's the Malta, 100, in the company of the frigate Constance, and remains.

19 Jul 1801 departed St Helen's for Oporto.

24 Jul 1801 at Falmouth with the cutter Flirt to take the trade for Oporto, with which they sail immediately.

27 Jul 1801 at ten this morning, Cape Ortegal south four miles, a large brig and lugger were observed tracing the shore within a quarter of a mile, running down before the wind. Relying on Spanish charts ran close into the Firgu rocks, so as to oblige them to run through the inner channel, both receiving the broadside as they passed, and the Stork, standing into the Bay, by a well directed fire, obliged the brig to run on the rocks directly under a high cliff, which was defended by the militia of the country, who kept up a constant, but ill-directed fire. Lieutenant Stupart, of this ship, with the several boats of the Stork, &c. hove her off without loss, and she proved to be the El Cantara privateer, 18 x 18 pounders, and four sixes, with 110 men, had left Corunna the night before, (with the lugger of ten guns, which was also captured,) and had taken nothing.

4 Aug 1801 arrived Plymouth Sound the St Pedro D'Alacantra, Spanish brig, late Lovely Emily, of Plymouth, with brandy, 22 guns and 130 men, from Corunna, to Vivaro, and a Spanish schooner, in ballast, prizes to the Constance, Stork, and Flirt cutter, detained 27th.

8 Aug 1801 arrived Plymouth Sound the Netley armed schooner, with the Oporto Fleet, taken aback off the Edystone last night ; they departed the 31st ult. with La Constance, and had a very fine passage.

20 Aug 1801 stood into Plymouth Sound, La Constance, who sent ashore some letters, and stood out to sea again.

22 Aug 1801 arrived Spithead from Oporto.

29 Aug 1801 departed Spithead to join the squadron off Havre.

4 Sep 1801 arrived Spithead, from off Havre, having sprung her main-mast, fore mast, and main-yard, in a gale.

5 Oct 1801 departed Spithead the Constance, with General Count Viomenil and suite on board, for Lisbon.

8 Oct 1801 arrived Brixham from Portsmouth, and remains, destined it is said for Lisbon.

9 Oct 1801 departed Brixham.

19 Oct - 16 Nov 1801 at Lisbon, and remained per several packets departing Lisbon for Falmouth.

17 Nov 1801 the Falmouth packet Walsingham arrived Lisbon, where she found the Superb, Capt Keats, Hydra, Hon Capt Paget, and Constance, Capt Mudge. The Walsingham departed on 24 Nov., by which time the Superb and Hydra had already departed the Tagus.

23 Nov 1801 the Falmouth packet King George arrived Lisbon, where she found the Constance, Capt Mudge, and the Calpe, Capt Dumaresq, lying in the Tagus.

27 Nov 1801 the Falmouth packet Prince Adolphus arrived Lisbon, where she found the Constance, Capt Mudge, and the Astraea, lying in the Tagus, the Astraea departing the same day.

17 Dec 1801 HM ships Constance and Milbrook were reported to be in the Tagus, by the Falmouth packet Prince of Wales.

4 Jan 1802 arrived the Tagus the Falmouth packet Walsingham and found the frigates Penelope, Capt Blackwood ; and Constance, Capt Mudge ; along with the Netley schooner, and prior to departing on 13th the Phaeton, frigate, Capt Morris arrived.

Circa 27-28 Jan 1802 reported by the Falmouth packet Prince Adolphus that she left the Constance and Netley in the Tagus when she departed for England.

10 May 1802 arrived Spithead the Constance, 24, Captain Mudge, from Lisbon.

1 Jul 1802 appointed to take seamen to Leith.

5 Aug 1802 arrived Spithead from Leith.

13 Aug 1802 departed Spithead for Weymouth.

16 Aug 1802 arrived Spithead from Weymouth.

25 Aug 1802 ordered to take Dutch troops from Lymington to the Elbe.

27 Aug 1802 departed Spithead.

31 Aug 1802 passed through Spithead, from Lymington, with the Hazard, with the remainder of the Dutch troops from Lymington.

3 Sep 1802 passed through the Downs this morning, from the Westward, to Helvoetsluys, with Dutch troops.

15 Oct 1802 arrived Spithead with the St. Fiorenzo, from the eastward.

Circa 20 Oct 1802 Captain A. J. Griffiths is appointed to the command of the Constance frigate.

26 Oct 1802 arrived in the Downs from Spithead.

6 Nov 1802 remains in the Downs with the Immortalite, Topaze, Jamaica, Magicienne, Clyde frigates ; Driver sloop ; Snipe gun brig ; Diligent store ship.

18 Nov 1802 departed the Downs on a cruise.

26 Nov 1802 departed the Downs for Sheerness.

3 Dec 1802 arrived Sheerness.

28 Apr 1803 the Isis fell in with the Utrecht off Goree, and R.-Adm Thornborough transferred his flag from the Isis to the Utrecht, following which the Isis returned to Spithead, leaving R.-Adm Thornborough in command of a squadron made up as follows : Utrecht, 64, Capt Thomas Rogers ; Africaine, 44, Capt Manbey ; Leda, 38, Capt Honeyman ; Hydra, 38, Capt Mundy ; Ambuscade, 38, Capt Atkins ; Constance, 24, Capt Griffiths ; and 2 revenue cutters.

13 Jul 1803 the Constance captured the French privateer Surret, of Dunkirk, Capt Voltieur, had been out 3 days and taken 3 ships with coal from Sunderland.

20 Jul 1803 arrived N Yarmouth with French prisoners on board, and departed later for Sheerness.

6 Aug 1803 departed Leith this morning with a convoy, but there being no wind they are still in sight.

20 Sep 1803 captured the privateer Cardine, under Dutch colours in the Elbe ; arrived N Yarmouth 1 Oct.

May 1805 North Sea.

21 Jun 1805 captured the French privateer Constance.

4 Aug 1806 departed Spithead on a cruise.

9 Sep 1806 Constance, Strenuous, and Sharpshooter chase the French store-ship Salamandre on shore, but she was subsequently got off by the French and repaired.

12 Oct 1806 Constance, Strenuous, Sheldrake and cutter Britannia chase the French store-ship Salamandre on shore : she was set on fire and destroyed, but the Constance went aground and was lost to the French.
The following were killed:
Captain Burrowes ; Benjamin Leviston, Serjeant of Marines ; William Bunbridge, Seaman ; John Charlotte, Seaman ; Edward Ryan, Seaman ; John M'lreson, Quarter-Master ; Robert Robinson, Boatswain's Mate ; John Gillford, Quarter-Master ; John Wilson (2), Quarter-Master.
The following have since died of their wounds:
Luke Coglan, Seaman ; Thomas M'Andrew, Marine ; John Patterson, Quarter-Master.
The following were badly wounded:
Daniel McCawley, Boatswain ; William Morton, Marine.
The following were slightly wounded:
Mr. Richards, First Lieutenant ; John Navy, Seaman ; John Clark, Seaman ; Thomas Howe, Seaman ; Thomas Little, Seaman ; Peter Murrow:, Seaman ; Edward Trout, Seaman ; John Flynn, Seaman ; Samuel Breasur, Seaman ; Robert Wallas, Seaman.
Details of the missing were not known when this list was produced.

21 Dec 1806 that part of the crew now prisoners, are reported to be on their way to Arras.