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Constance, 1846
Type: 4th rate - Frigate ; Armament 50
Launched as a sailing ship: 12 Mar 1846 ; Disposal date or year : 1875
BM: 2132 (1870=3213) tons ; Displacement: 3786 tons
Propulsion: Sail and then converted to screw frigate in 1862
Machinery notes: 500

Jan, 1846, Constance, 50, by Sir W. Symonds, seven-eighths built, at Pembroke.

2 May 1846, Acting Master Henry Paul ; Rev W. W. Steel ; Naval Instructor J. H. Bond apptd.

23 May 1846, Lieuts. Hyde Parker and W. Peel apptd.

6 June 1846, in Hamoaze, i.e. in the harbour at Plymouth.

29 Jun 1846, arrived at Spithead, for Portsmouth, from Plymouth.

8 Aug 1846, arrived Plymouth, from Portsmouth, on Tuesday, and has gone up into Hamoaze.

18 Aug 1846, joined the squadron commanded by V.-Adm W. Parker, off the Tagus, with the Raleigh, Eurydice, and Spartan, having completed trials of sailing on our passage out from England.

22 Aug 1846, carried out sailing exercises off Lisbon with squadron, including the Hibernia (flag), St Vincent, Queen, Vanguard, Canopus, Rodney, Albion, Rattler, Polyphemus, Raleigh, Eurydice, and Spartan.

28 Aug 1846, with the Raleigh, departed from the Squadron for the coast of South America.

28 Nov 1846, at Valparaiso with the flag ship, Collingwood, R.Adm. Sir G Seymour, Carysfort and Talbot, the latter due to depart for England 1 Dec.

2 Dec 1847 Carysfort departed from Valparaiso in company with the Collingwood, 80, and the Constance, 50, and parted company on the 5th.

12 Feb 1848, a report circulating in England suggests that Captain Sir B. Walker, formerly in command of the Constance, has left instructions that the $2,000 he was due as a result of transporting two million dollars from Mexico to Valparaiso, was to be distributed amongst the ship's company. [19 Feb 1848 it was reported that this story was a figment of someone's vivid imagination.]

5 Apr 1848, Constance back at Valparaiso when the Asia arrived from Rio, to relieve the Collingwood and flag officer, R.Adm. Hornby.

28 July 1849, it is reported in England that the Constance has been ordered home from the Pacific, and will be paid off at Devonport.

26 Nov 1849, came into Portsmouth harbour and was brought alongside the jetty to discharge the freight money brought home from the Pacific, which will be sent to London by rail.

27 Nov 1849, towed out to Spithead, and departed for Plymouth where she was paid off on the 8 Dec 1848. Reports of a court martial have been resolved amicably.

30 May 1860 Devonport, commenced conversion to screw steamship, which was completed in 1862