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Constant, 1801
Type: Gun Brig ; Armament 14
Launched : 1801 ; Disposal date or year : 1816

7 Jul 1801 arrived Sheerness, the Constant, Lt Bremmer, from the Downs, with the Oporto convoy.

13 Jul 1801 departed Sheerness the Charger, Lt King ; Bold, Lt Short ; Minx, Lt Roch??? ; Constant, Lt Bremer ; and Mallard gun brigs, for the Downs.

14 Jul 1801 arrived in the Downs from the Nore, and remains.

18 Jul 1801 departed the Downs the gun brig Constant, with the Kent, cutter, and Nile, lugger, on a cruise.

13 Sep 1801 arrived Sheerness, the Contest, Lt Bremer, from the Downs.

16 Sep 1801 departed the Downs for Sheerness.

3 Oct 1801 departed Sheerness, the Constant, Lt Grove, with the Conflict, Lt Dod, on a cruise off Flushing.

11 Oct 1801 at Sheerness, and has been ordered to prepare to be paid off following the recent signing of the Peace of Amiens.

6 Nov 1801 arrived Sheerness from the Downs. However, it is understood that she then departed for the River and got aground on the Grain Spit, where she remains, and they await a spring tide to get her off.

10 Nov 1801 has been got off without too much trouble.

12 Nov 1801 remains Sheerness, with 6 sloops and 14 gun-brigs, at the Nore.

27 Nov 1801 is reported to have come into Sheerness harbour to be paid off.

8 Jan 1802 to depart Sheerness this evening for the River the gun brigs Constant, Manley, Conflict, Pouncer, and Haughty, with seamen to be put on board the newly built Plantagenet, laying at Woolwich, to bring her down to the Nore. Wind ENE, Moderate.

8 Feb 1802 arrived Sheerness from N. Yarmouth.

18 Feb 1802 departed Sheerness, with the gun brigs Acute, Charger, Constant, Boxer, and Mariner, for the Northward.

28 Feb 1802 departed N. Yarmouth for the Nore.

24 Mar 1802 arrived Sheerness from a cruise.

12 May 1802 arrived Sheerness from a cruise.

21 May 1802 departed Sheerness for Chatham.

27 Jun 1802 ship's company paid 6 months wages at Sheerness, and departed with discharged seamen for Leith.

14 Oct 1802 arrived Sheerness, the Constant, Lieut Grove, from Leith, and remains in the Little Nore.

24 Feb 1803 is order up the Thames [Deptford?] to be paid off.

5 Aug 1803 departed N Yarmouth the gun brig Constant and gun vessel Adder, on a cruise.

23 Aug 1803 departed N Yarmouth the Constant and Ferreter, gun brigs, on a cruise.

2 Sep 1803 arrived N Yarmouth, the Hecla, with the Censor, and Constant.

9 Sep 1803 departed N Yarmouth on a cruise.

25 Sep 1803 departed N Yarmouth the Zebra, Vesuvius, bombs ; Bold, Constant, Censor and Monkey, gun brigs.

6 Oct 1803 arrived N Yarmouth from a cruise.

10 Oct 1803 arrived N Yarmouth Roads the frigate Penelope, and bomb Discovery, and remain with the Gelykheid, Roebuck, and Constant.

12 Oct 1803 departed N Yarmouth on a cruise.

24 Oct 1803 the Constant has hoisted is signal at N Yarmouth for a convoy to the Southward.

27 Oct 1803 departed N Yarmouth with a convoy for the Southward.

8 Nov 1803 the Constant, at Hull, was appointed convoy for the Baltic, but had been put in quarantine having been on board an American ship for hands, but an order is expected from London authorising her release in order that she can sail when the wind permits, with her convoy.

24 Nov 1803 the Constant, with a convoy from Leith, for the Baltic, put into Thredsure, Norway. A great many of the convoy have separated.

1805 Downs Station

5 Sep 1810 Surveillante and Constant, whilst reconnoitring the Loire, chased a French convoy, the boats of the former cutting out a brig, supported by the latter.

5 May 1811 detained and sent into Plymouth a French brig.

20 Dec 1812 detained and sent into Plymouth a French schooner laden with stores.

21 Dec 1812 detained and sent into Plymouth the French schooner La Desirée, from Nantz, bound to Bourdeaux.

21 Apr 1813 destruction of the French privateer Olympe. Head-money and the proceeds of ordnance stores saved therefrom are due to be paid on 9 Apr 1818.

6 Jun 1813 at Falmouth, for the Brazils, has been detained for orders.

May - Aug 1813 Magicienne and Constant, stationed off the north coast of Spain to assist the patriots.

13 Oct 1813 Telegraph, Challenger, and Constant bring about a situation where the crew of the French brig-corvette Flibustier set their ship on fire.

14 Feb 1814 departed Portsmouth on a cruise.

27 Apr 1814 at Portsmouth appointed to take the West India convoy to Cork to join the Hannibal's convoy.

28 Apr 1814 departed Portsmouth for Cork.

30 Jul 1814 departed Falmouth on a cruise.

9 Nov 1814 arrived Plymouth Dock with a convoy from Milford.

4 May 1815 departed Cork with troops for Ostend.

2 Sep 1815 Came into Plymouth from a cruise.

26 Sep 1815 arrived Deal from Plymouth, for the river.

9 Oct 1815 arrived Plymouth from a cruise.