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Constitution, 1796
Type: Hired Cutter ; Armament 14
Hired : 1796 ; Disposal date or year : 1801
Disposal Details : see below

7 Nov 1798 a part of a squadron which arrived this day for the invasion of Minorca. Lt. Whiston reported to be in command.

19 Nov 1798, off Minorca, with the Leviathan, Centaur, Calcutta, Ulysses, Argo, Cormorant, Aurora, Peterell, in support of the Army during the capture of Minorca. See also the Naval Chronicle pp. 77-80 Vol. 1, 1799.

1 Jan 1799 CO : Lt Weston, stationed : noted as the West Indies, but looks a little doubtful ? (N.C.).

29 Apr 1799 Plymouth, arrived from Rotterdam for St. Andero, the Zum Gutten Ensbrick, Wevers, detained by the Constitution cutter.

15 Aug 1799 Plymouth, arrived the Swan, and Constitution cutters, from a cruise.

31 Aug 1799 Plymouth, arrived the Danish ship Denmark, Kalten, from the Havannah, bound to Hamburgh, laden with sugar, coffee, indigo, and cotton ; supposed Spanish property, sent in by Constitution cutter.

8 Oct 1799 Plymouth, arrived from a cruise with the Fanny lugger.

7 Dec 1799 Plymouth, came in the May, Grenuger, from Guernsey, for St. Thomas, retaken by the Suffisante, 16, and Constitution cutter.

3 Feb 1800 Plymouth, arrived from a cruize, the Constitution cutter.

31 Oct 1800 Portsmouth, arrived the Constitution cutter, Lieut. William Humphrey Faulknor, from a cruise.

8 Nov 1800 Portsmouth, arrived with the Anson, 44, from a cruise.

23 Nov 1800 Portsmouth, departed on a cruise.

12 Dec 1800 Portsmouth, arrived, and departed again on a cruise.

9 Jan 1801 captured by two large French cutters off Portland, Dorset, but was re-taken the same day by the brig Harpy and revenue cutter Greyhound (Lieut. Faulknor).

19 Sep 1801 departed Spithead the Constitution cutter, on a cruise.

23 Sep 1801 departed the Downs for Spithead with an outward-bound convoy.

4 Oct 1801 remains in Dover Roads.

Plymouth Circa Jul 1802 prize money resulting from the capture of the Danish Brig Neptunus, captured in company with the Hired Armed Cutter Penelope, due for payment shortly.

1 Apr 1802. In consequence of an order from the Lords of the Admiralty, a Court of Enquiry was this day held on the conduct of Lieut. W. H. Faulknor, Commander of HM cutter Constitution, for the capture of that vessel by two of the enemy's cutters each of superior force. Rear-Admiral Holloway, President; and Captains Durham and Barton. It being fully proved that the Constitution was completely overpowered, and every exertion of her Commander and crew being made, the Court most honourably acquitted Lieutenant Faulknor, highly applauding his gallantry and zeal, and that of his Officers and men. The Lieutenant is the only surviving brother to the much lamented and gallant Capt. Robert Faulknor, who was killed in the act of lashing his ship the Blanche to La Pique, in the West Indies.