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Contest, 1812
Type: Gun Brig ; Armament 12
Launched : 1812 ; Disposal date or year : 14 April 1828
Disposal Details : Wrecked near Halifax : all lost ; Lieut. Plaggenborg
BM: 180 tons

1813-14 North America (Lieut. Jas. Rattray)

28 May 1813, arrived Halifax with the Loire and a convoy, much dispersed due to thick fog, with some vessels having arrived on 26th inst., having reputedly parted 4 days previously

14 Jul 1813 the cutters of the Contest and Mohawk cut out the American schooner Asp from the Yeocomico river and set fire to her. Condemned 22 May 1830. Pronounced to have been a vessel of war with 25 men on board.

15 Jul 1813 with the Mohawk captured a Schooner name unknown, burnt by the ships' boats, and the schooner Freighter, lumber removed and employed as a tender.

Feb 1814 reported to be off Belize with the Herald.

Halifax 6 Nov 1826, on the passage from St. John's to Halifax.

6 Jan 1827 employed on the North America Station.

22 May 1830 Prize money due from the capture of the Asp, now payable.

6 Jan 1835, head money resulting from the capture of the Asp eventually became due for payment.