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Conway, 1832
Type: 6th rate ; Armament 26
Launched : 2 Feb 1832 ; Disposal date or year : 1871
BM: 652 tons

1830 Chatham - building

Apr-May 1832 being fitted out at Chatham to take Earl Mulgrave, future governor of Jamaica, and family, out to Jamaica.

13 May 1832 arrived Portsmouth from the Eastward.

27 May 1832 arrived Plymouth to await the arrival of the Earl of Mulgrave and suite, Governor designate for Jamaica.

10 Jun 1832 left Plymouth for Jamaica, with Earl Mulgrave and family.

25 Jun 1832 arrived Madeira, from Plymouth.

3 Aug 1832 at Halifax it is reported that the Conway and Gannet were at Jamaica.

11 Sep 1832 arrived Portsmouth in 39 days from Jamaica, having landed the new governor at Port Royal. 17 Sep 1832 taken into harbour to have a new foremast fitted and other defects made good.

25 Sep 1832 taken into dock to have her copper inspected.

26 Sep 1832 taken out of dock.

13 Oct 1832 went out to Spithead.

15 Oct 1832 came back into harbour to assist with the fitting out of the Spartiate.

End of 1832, a part of a squadron of vessels involved in the blockade of the ports of Holland, which was defying the great Powers with regard to the Belgian question. See p. 270-1 at at

6 Nov 1832 departed Spithead and to join the Squadron in the Downs.

13 Nov 1832 departed from the Downs, for the North Sea, with the Snake and the French vessel Medéa.

16 Nov 1832 detained two Dutch vessels and proceeded to Spithead this morning.

18 Nov 1832 has detained and sent into Portsmouth the Maria, and Henrietta Clarisina, from Batavia to Amsterdam. Off Selsey Bill the two Dutchmen were in collision, following which the crews jumped overboard, to be rescued by the Conway's boats, and suffered much damage to masts and rigging etc. The Conway towed the Maria to Spithead, which the steamer Messenger towed the H.C. into Portsmouth Harbour. The Conway is supposed to be departing Spithead in the morning for the Downs and orders.

21 Nov 1832 departed Spithead for the Downs, and has detained a Dutchman, now at Spithead.

22 Nov 1832 has detained and sent in the Reigersdaab.

23 Nov 1832 remains Deal.

2 Dec 1832 saved the crew of the brig Faith, J. Howell, master, bound from Newcastle to Exeter with coals, in a sinking state. The ship had experienced heavy weather and had sprung a leak 3 days prior to the appearance of the Conway and the men were exhausted from having been constantly manning th pumps : the vessel is thought to have sunk shortly after the rescue took place.

3 Dec 1832 arrived in the Downs from off the Dutch Coast.

16 Dec 1832 departed the Downs for the North Sea.

24 Jan 1833 Cruising in the North Sea.

4 Feb 1833 has detained the Catharina Elizabeth in the North Sea, bound from Batavia to Amsterdam.

14 Feb 1833 in the Downs.

8 Mar 1833 has detained the Anthonie, from China, for Rotterdam.

3 Mar 1833 arrived the Downs and departed again on a cruise.

16 Mar 1833 in Portsmouth Harbour.

25 Apr 1833 off Folkestone, working into the Downs.

5 May 1833 arrived Spithead from the Downs.

8 May 1833 departed Spithead for Oporto and Lisbon.

20 Jul 1833 Is reported to be off the Douro.

8 Aug 1833 arrived Madeira from Lisbon, and departed on the 9th for the Brazils.

8 Aug 1833 arrived Madeira en route for Rio Janeiro, and departed the following day.

15 Sep 1833 arrived Rio Janeiro from Lisbon.

2 Nov 1833 arrived Pernambuco from Bahia.

1 Jan 1834 arrived Rio Janeiro from Bahia.

21 May 1834 departed Valparaiso for the coast of Peru.

1 Jun 1834 arrived Islay, having encountering bad weather en route.

24 Oct 1835 to be paid off at Portsmouth on Saturday having served in the North Sea, West Indies and been round the Horn twice during her near 4 years commission.

30 Oct 1835 was paid off into ordinary today ; James Troke, the MAA, and Richard Farrell, Gunner's Mate, were both awarded the LS&GC medal, a gratuity of £7 and a pension of £24 ; 4s..

17 Sep 1836 was commissioned Portsmouth on Wednesday.

19 Nov 1836 went out to Spithead on Wednesday, was paid today, and is expected to sail in the next day or so for service in the East Indies. She takes with her officers and men for the ships on that station.

28 Feb 1837 arrived Cape of Good Hope from Portsmouth and Rio de Janeiro.

21 Apr 1837 arrived Madras.

4 Oct 1838 arrived Sydney from New Zealand.

30 Jan 1839 left Madras for Rangoon.

Circa Apr 1840 at Singapore.

21 Jun 1840 arrived in Macao Roads and established a blockade of the port and river of Canton. See p. 282 at at

1 Jul 1840 at the anchorage under the Buffaloe's Nose with HEIC steamers Atalanta and Queen.

2 Jul 1840 moved to an anchorage off Chusan with HEIC steamers Atalanta and Queen. Captain Bethune of the Conway reconnoitred the harbour of Chusan in the Atalanta.

5 Jul 1840 Chinese troops retreat into Chusan following short bombardment. One man on board wounded. See also p. 282 at at

6 Jul 1840 British troops discovered that Chinese troops had departed Chusan during the night. See of 15 Dec 1840.

10 Jul 1840 despatched to Ning-po.

15 Jul 1840 blockade of Ning-po commenced. See of 15 Dec 1840.

Midshipman Harvey and a seaman lost their lives in a foraging expedition at the western end of Tsungming. See p. 284 at at

1839-42 engaged in the Operations in China. Officers and Men serving on this ship during this period may be eligible for a Medal. See p. 288 at at

21 Nov 1840 at Chusan.

2 Mar 1841 arrived off Canton, from Chusan,

12-17 Mar 1841 further operations at Canton. See of 11 Jun 1841.

Circa Aug 1841 departed for England with the bulk of the Canton ransom money. See p. 294-> at at

3 Jul 1841 Lieutenant G. Beadon promoted to Commander

8 Oct 1841 Lieutenant Henry Coryton promoted to Commander.

8 Jan 1842, has arrived from China with the ransom paid by the Chinese government, which has been sent by train to London with a military escort provided by the 32nd Regt.

26 Oct 1843 arrived Simon's Town, from Rio de Janeiro, with the crew of 24, as prisoners, of the slave schooner Vencedora, of unknown nationality, originally detained by the Frolic, with 348 slaves on board, who were landed on board the Crescent receiving ship at Rio de Janeiro, for adjudication by the Vice Admiralty Court at the Cape of Good Hope.

12 Feb 1844 detained a slave brigantine, Name Unknown, which was sent for adjudication to the Vice-Admiralty Court at St. Helena, and on 18 Mar 1844 sentenced to be condemned.

24 Aug 1844, was at anchor in Simon's Bay when the Cleopatra arrived from the Mozambique Channel.

Jun 1845 operations ashore in Madagascar, with the French. See p. 345-6 at at

25 Jul 1845 seizure of six men on board the piratical brig Comet : account of proceeds of bounty money granted will be deposited in Registry of the High Court of Admiralty, on the 1st of June, 1849.

1846 Cape of Good Hope and West Coast of Africa

24 May 1847 detained the slave vessel Duas Irmaas, which was sent for adjudication to the Vice-Admiralty Court at St. Helena, and sentenced to be condemned. 23 Nov 1848 the proceeds arising due for payment.

25 July 47 captured pirate vessel Comet. Proceeds of Piratical Bounty due for payment 26 Jun 1849

20 Dec 1848 Portsmouth.

3 Mar 1856 Asst Paymaster E Foster apptd ; at Cork

1859 Training Ship

1860 Lent to Mercantile Marine Association, Liverpool

1861 Renamed Winchester

1861-62 lent to the Marine Society, Liverpool, per Parliamentary papers.