HMS Coquette

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Coquette, 1807
Type: 6th rate ; Armament 20
Disposal date or year : 1817

Portsmouth 10 Jan 1810 departed for a cruise off Cherbourg.

Portsmouth 12 Jan 1810 Put back from a cruize off Cherbourg.

Falmouth 1 Feb 1811 arrived from a cruise off Cherbourg.

Portsmouth 4 Feb 1811 departed on a cruise.

Portsmouth 5 Feb 1811 Weighed.

Portsmouth 21 Mar 1811 arrived from a cruise off Havre.

Yarmouth 13 Oct 1811 arrived from the Baltic.

Yarmouth 14 Oct 1811 departed with a convoy for the Downs.

Yarmouth 21 Nov 1811 Takes abandoned vessel, discovered off the Dogger Bank, loaded with timber, to Leith.

Deal 21 Jun 1812 departed to the westward.

Portsmouth 31 Jul 1812 departed with dispatches.

Portsmouth 14 Oct 1812 arrived from Halifax with a convoy.

Portsmouth 6 Nov 1812 Remains at Spithead with her convoy ; bound for the West Indies.

Portsmouth 10 Nov 1812 Has made the signal for sailing to-morrow with the West India convoy.

Portsmouth 15 Nov 1812 Remains with her convoy for the West Indies, until further orders are received.

Portsmouth 19 Nov 1812 Sails with the West Indies convoy tomorrow morning.

Portsmouth 22 Nov 1812 departed with the West India convoy from St. Helen's on Friday. Falmouth 1 Dec 1812 Remains with the West Indies convoy.

St. Thomas 3 Jul 1813 departed with a convoy.

Portsmouth 13 Sep 1813 arrived with dispatches from Lord Wellington, from St. Andero, which she left on the 3d inst.