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Cornwall, 1900
Type: Cruiser ; Armament 14 x 6" ; 8 x 12 pdr ; 3 x 3 pdr
Displacement: 9800 tons
Complement: 690
Machinery notes: Designed H.P. 22,000 = 23 kts. ; Speed ; 23 knots ;

Some of the the Monmouth class were originally fitted with 2 - 11 inch howitzers, but these were replaced with 6 in., 45 cal.,

2 Aug 1914 Steamed south for Gibraltar looking out for British merchant ships to warn of the strained relations between Germany and Great Britain - see p. 176

4 Aug 1914 a telegram was received from the Admiralty with information that war would be declared against Germany at midnight.

5 Aug 1914 stopped and boarded the German vessel S.S. Syra, who was unaware that war had been declared ; sent a prize crew on board to take her into Gibraltar.

6 Aug 1914 to proceed to Casablanca to escort French transport.

14 Aug 1914 Patrolling outside Las Palmas.

21 Aug 1914 Highflyer supplied the Cornwall with fresh meat and a few papers.

26 Aug 1914 at St. Vincent and coaled. Left the next day and met the Macedonia an armed P. and 0. liner off St. Nicholas Island and received some provisions.

30 Aug 1914 sent to St. Paul's Rocks, a small island close to the Equator, as the Hamburg-American liner Cap Trafalgar was expected there.

10 Sep 1914 at Pernambuco - victualled and coaled and received intelligence from the local Consul.

24 Sep 1914 arrived Rio and departed the following day for the Trinidad Islands - see also p. 149

Sep - Nov 1914 in search of the Karlsruhe off the Atlantic coast of S. America - see

5 Nov 1914 arrived Abrolhos Rocks from Rio de Janeiro - coaled and departed for Monte Video.

7 Dec 1914 arrived at Port William, Falkland Islands - see p. 143 and p. 337->

8 Dec 1914 engaged Von Spee's squadron at the battle of the Falkland Islands.

9 Dec 1914 returned to the Falkland Islands.

Dec 1914 - Mar 1915 in search of the Dresden until sunk by the Kent and Glasgow on 14 Mar.