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Cornwallis, 1813
Type: 3rd rate ; Armament 74
Launched : 12 May 1813 ; Disposal date or year : 1957
BM: 1809 tons
Propulsion: Sail and then sail and Screw
Machinery notes: 200

1 Jan 1820 built or building of teak.

31 May 1814 Deal with a convoy from the South Seas and all departed for the river.

25 Dec 1814 Went out to Spithead.

6 Jan 1815 is appointed to the convoy for the Cape of Good Hope.

13 Jan 1815 at Spithead with a signal flying for convoy for the East Indies.

15 Jan 1815 departs with the convoy for the East Indies, Cape of Good Hope and Brazils, tomorrow, should the wind remain fair.

17 Jan 1815 will sail in the morning.

18 Jan 1815 departed for the East Indies with her convoy.

28 Apr 1815 Cornwallis chased American sloop Hornet, in latitude 39° south, longitude 34° west.

20 Mar 1816 Reported to be at Madras.

20 Jun 1816 departed Madras Roads for England.

29 Jun 1816 departed Trincomalee for Cape of Good Hope.

11 Aug 1816 Simon's Bay.

21 Aug 1816 departed Simon's Bay for St Helena and Plymouth.

4 Sep 1816 St Helena.

7 Sep 1816 departed St Helena for England.

13 Sep 1816 departed Ascension Island for England.

4 Nov 1816 anchored in the Plymouth Sound on arrival from Madras.

19 Jan 1818 got on shore when entering Portsmouth harbour, but weather calm, and it is hoped she will be got off without damage.

Jul 1830 Plymouth

17 Nov 1832 it is rumoured that she is preparing at Plymouth for commission.

21 Apr 1834 preparing at Plymouth for commission.

2 Jan 1836 it is rumoured that she is to be prepared for sea service.

19 Mar 1836 commissioned at Plymouth.

30 Apr 1836 was moved out to Plymouth Sound on Thursday.

2 Jul 1836 Spithead Thursday from Plymouth.

9 Jul 1836 has gone down to St Helen's Road, where it is expected the rest of the squadron will join her over the next few days.

23 Jul 1836 the Hercules, Bellerophon, Vanguard, Pembroke, and Cornwallis have departed on a cruise, during which they are expected to touch at Plymouth Sound.

7 Sep 1836 Lisbon from Plymouth.

29 Oct 1836 the Hastings, Cornwallis, Malabar, Russel, Minden, Pembroke, Talavera, Chameleon, and Partridge, along with the packets Camden and Alert are reported to be in the Tagus, the latter being due to sail for England on 31st inst.

7 Jan 1837 is ordered to depart Spithead for Plymouth.

13 May 1837 at Spithead Thursday, from Plymouth, and is expected to sail shortly for the West Indies.

1838-39, part of a squadron looking after British interests on the coast of Mexico. See p. 305 at

31 Dec 1838 at Vera Cruz

1 Jul 1839 Plymouth will be paid off into ordinary on Tuesday next.

At some time during the period 1839-42 engaged in the Operations in China. Officers and Men serving on this ship during this period may be eligible for a Medal. See p. 288 at

12 Mar 1841 Captain Peter Richards ; and Commander Charles Richards, appointed to the Cornwallis.

12 Mar 1841 soon to be commissioned at Plymouth by Captain Peter Richards for service in the East Indies.

7 Apr 1841 Plymouth, commissioned for East Indies.

9 Apr 1841 Portsmouth, The tender Emerald departed for Devonport, with seamen gunners for the Cornwallis.

10 Apr 1841 Captain Peter Richards ; Commander Charles Richards ; Lieutenants Charles Wise, James Stoddart, Grey Skipwith, H. J. Lacon, and James Fitzjames (from the Excellent) appointed to the Cornwallis ; Purser John Tapson ; Assistant-surgeon Dr. Charles Paget Blake, from Haslar Hospital, appointed to Cornwallis ; Mate N. Vansittart, (from the Queen) ; Boatswain W. Lang ; Carpenter G. T. Alldricks, appointed to Cornwallis.

17 Apr 1841 Clerk William Essell ; Surgeon Dr. Nisbet ; Assistant surgeon C. T. S. Kevern, appointed to Haslar Hospital; vice Blake ; Mate A. P. Green, J. Cashman, S. Fowell, H. S. Hillyar, D Lane, and T. Anson ; Midshipman C. C. Maddicott, appointed to the Cornwallis ; Marines, Lieutenant A. J. B. Hambly appointed to the Cornwallis."

20 Apr 1841 Plymouth, was undocked having been coppered.

29 Apr 1841 Chaplain Rev. J. A. Burrough, from the Impregnable ; Mate C. K. Jackson ; and Volunteer 1st Class A. Breen appointed to the Cornwallis.

8 May 1841 Assistant-Surgeon Charles Fergusson ; and Midshipman W. G. Douglas, appointed to the Cornwallis.

11 May 1841 Henry S. Hellyar, Cornwallis, passed at the RN College for Lieutenant;

11 May 1841 Gunner M. Saunders, of the Vernon, appointed to the Cornwallis.

29 May 1841 Lieutenant J. Fitzjames, from the Excellent, appointed to the Cornwallis ;

5 Jun 1841 Clerk G. Shambler ; Acting Clerks James J. Rutter and John Retallick (supernumeraries) ; Clerk's Assistant C. J. Martin ; Boatswains J. Hall and G. Pendlebury (supernumeraries) ; Carpenters W. Tucker and G. Pain ; Lieutenant C. R. Newman, and C. Butler, (supernumeraries) ; Mate G. H. Hodgson, appointed to the Cornwallis.

10 Jun 1841 towed out of Hamoaze to Plymouth Sound by the Avon and Carron.

12 Jun 1841 Lieutenant E. Bullen, appointed to the Cornwallis ;

19 Jun 1841 Surgeon Daniel King (from the Monarch), appointed to the Cornwallis ;

26 Jun 1841 Mate George A. Hollinworth, of the Cornwallis, passed for Lieutenant at the Naval College. Acting-Assistant Surgeons J. Simpson and Dr. H. Richardson, from the Queen appointed to the Cornwallis.

1 Jul 1841 Plymouth, was paid advance wages.

3 Jul 1841 departed Plymouth for the China. Mate W. Ponsonby, appointed to Blenheim, and to take passage in the Cornwallis ;

9 Jul 1841 Plymouth, at Madeira after a passage of only six days from the Lizard ; she was to leave for India on the 12th.

7 Sep 1841 at the Cape of Good Hope.

12 Sep 1841 departed the Cape of Good Hope, for China.

16 Oct 1841 Volunteer 1st Class C. A. Wise, appointed to the Cornwallis.

7 Sep 1841 at the Cape of Good Hope, en route for India,

16 Nov 1841 arrived recently Singapore, from England and departed for China.

20 Nov 1841 Assistant Surgeons Alexander Borthwick and Charles Alexander Winchester, appointed to the Cornwallis.

4 Dec 1841 Assistant Surgeon R. D. Pritchard, J. Patrick, Robert Beith, and E. D’Auvergne, appointed to the Cornwallis.

11 Dec 1841 Lieutenant John Burlase appointed to the Cornwallis.

18 Dec 1841 Lieutenant John Borlase ; Acting (additional) Assistant-Surgeon R. Beith appointed to the Cornwallis.

18 Jan 1842 arrived Chusan from Hong Kong in 21 days against the NE monsoon.

14 Mar 1842 flag of R.-Adm Parker, at Ningpo.

15 Mar 1842, at Ningpo, an expeditionary force was landed to attack Yang's position on the heights of Segaon, behind Tsekee. See p. 297 at

6 Apr 1842 letters received Portsmouth from Hong Kong advise that she and all on board had arrived safely.

14 Apr 1842, a further attempt to burn the shipping by means of fire-rafts was defeated by the boats of the vessels present. See p. 297 at

18 May 1842, capture of Chapoo. See p. 297-8 at

13 Jun 1842, anchored off Woosung. Once the defences at the mouth of the river were sounded and buoyed the works on both sides of the river were bombarded (16th). See p. 298-9 at

16 Jun - 29 Aug 1842, expedition up the Yang-tse-Keang, to the end of hostilities and signing of the Treaty of Nanking. See p. 300-> at and

5 Jul 1842 stationed at Chusan.

21 Jul 1842 attack by the men of the squadron on Ching-Kiang.

24 Aug 1844, was at anchor in Simon's Bay when the Cleopatra arrived from the Mozambique Channel.

Jan 1848 Devonport, in Ordinary (reserve)

20 Dec 1848 Devonport.

1855 Converted to screw blockship, 60 guns.

4 Dec 1856 Commissioned at Devonport.

1860 Coast Guard Service, Hull District, Humber

1 Jan to 31 Mar 1864 Home Station : Stationary ship. Number of Cases of Disease and Injury.

1865 Jetty at Sheerness.

1870 Attached to Jetty, Sheerness

1879 Attached to Jetty, Sheerness

1890 Attached to Jetty, Sheerness

1916 Renamed Wildfire, base ship