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Coromandel, 1815
Type: Store ship ; Armament ?
Disposal date or year : broken up at Bermuda Dec 1853.

1815 Malabar (1804) renamed Coromandel and converted to Store Ship. See also Malabar (1804)

8 Oct 1815 arrived Halifax, from Bermuda.

30 Oct 1815 departed Halifax, for England.

15 Nov 1815 arrived Portsmouth, from Halifax.

20 Sep 1818 Deal, came down from the River, bound for the Brazils, and remains in the Downs.

29 Sep 1818 Portsmouth, departed for the Brazils.

1819 supposed to have been paid off as a store ship, and converted for use as a convict ship, but would suggest that she was still a store ship until about Feb 1822, see next item.

1 Feb 1822 Still Store ship. Paid off at Portsmouth, per Hampshire Telegraph, and per PRO logs etc : Reference: ADM 52/3936 Dated 1819 July 1 - 1822 Feb 2 etc., was still a Store Ship.

Circa 1822 converted to a convict ship.

1827 converted for use as a prison hulk at Bermuda.

Sept-Dec 1827 : ADM 37/7074 passage to Bermuda?

23 Apr 1828 Prison hulk at Bermuda.

Feb 1842 Prison hulk at Bermuda.