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Cossack, 1806
Type: 6th Rate ;
Launched : as Pandour 1806 ; Disposal date or year : 1816

1806 Pandour renamed Cossack

Torbay 28 Dec 1811 arrived from Cadiz.

Plymouth 30 Dec 1811 arrived and put in quarantine.

Plymouth 2 Jan 1812 Released from quarantine.

Deal 12 Jan 1812 departed for the Nore.

Deal 19 May 1812 departed for Portsmouth.

10 Jun 1812, the Cossack, Prevoyante, Pique, and Jasper, departed Portsmouth, with the Lisbon and Mediterranean convoys, the last two vessels only going as far as Cape Finisterre before returning to England.

Plymouth 31 Jul 1813 arrived from Bermuda.

Plymouth 31 Jul 1813 arrived from Jamaica with dispatches and some of the crew of HM late brig Peacock, wounded in the action with the Hornet.

Plymouth 1 Sep 1813 departed to the westward.

Plymouth 4 Sep 1813 departed on a cruise.

15 Dec 1814, arrived Bermuda, from a cruise.

Circa 20 Dec 1814, departed Bermuda, for Castine, with 2 or 3 transports in convoy with detachments of the 62nd and 29th regts. on board, but parted with them in a gale off Jeffery's Bank.

11 Jan 1815, arrived Halifax, from Bermuda.

21 Mar 1815, arrived Halifax, from a cruise and with the schooner Thistle, late Capt. Clark, from Malaga to Halifax, with wine and fruit, but was captured on 25 Dec 1814, by the US privateer America, and re-captured later by the Cossack. She had lost her foremast and bowsprit in a gale and being out of provisions for 30 days, the crew had subsisted on the wine and fruit in the hold.

21 May 1815, Portsmouth, came into harbour.