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Cossack, 1854
Type: Corvette ; Armament 21
Launched : 15 May 1854 ; Disposal date or year : 1875
BM: 1296 tons ; Displacement: 1965 tons
Propulsion: Screw
Machinery notes: 250 hp

Laid down as Witjas for Russian navy;

5 Apr 1854 Seized on stocks

23 Apr 1856, Present at Fleet Review, Spithead ; Captain Cockburn

28 May 1857 arrived Havana from Port Royal.

30 May 1857 departed Havana for England.

1860, exact date unknown. Whilst at Prince Edward's Island two men deserted the ship in a dinghy. Armed men from the ship were sent ashore to bring the deserters back on board. The men were transferred to the Flag Ship at Halifax to be Court Martialled, meanwhile the Cossack, Captain Moorman, was sent to the Barbadoes. The men were found guilty of desertion, but statements were made by one of the prisoners regarding the Captain's character and way of maintaining discipline, which resulted in the Cossack being sent back to England by order of the Admiralty in order that the statements could be fully investigated.

10 Dec 1860 departed Barbadoes for England.

8 Jan 1861 arrived at Spithead from the West Indies, having experienced a rough passage. She was in collision off Portland this evening with the schooner John and Henry, en route from Dieppe to Runcorn, which she has brought to Spithead for the damage to be made good.

9 Jan 1861 has transferred her powder and shell and arrived in harbour.

Circa 9 Nov 1861 departed New Zealand having landed the new Governor, Sir George Grey.

21 Dec 1861 returned to the Cape of Good Hope, from New Zealand, via Cape Horn, having called at the Falkland Isles en route.

19 May 1862 departed the Cape.

14 Jun 1862 departed St. Helena.

5 Aug 1862 arrived at Plymouth Sound and has since departed for Sheerness to be paid off.

10 Aug 1862 arrived at the Little Nore. It is reported that her boilers have are in such poor condition that the vessel has been required to sail much more than would appear normal.

15 Aug 1862 Lieutenant F. G. Gambier found guilty of being drunk, on the 7th, having quit his post during the Middle Watch, and having slept whilst on duty. Found guilty and sentenced to lose all seniority and to be placed at the bottom of the list of Lieutenants for 4 years, and to be dismissed from the Cossack.

Nov 1862 is to go into dock for her machinery to be repaired and boilers replaced.

4 Dec 1862 taken into No. 1 Dock at Sheerness for repairs.

19 May 1863 Sheerness. Commissioned for Service in the Mediterranean.

1864 Mediterranean Station. Medical overview. Reports of Fevers and Small pox onboard. Number of Cases of Disease and Injury.

1870 East Indies

2 Apr 1871, for census, East Indies at sea lat 18.31. N. long 92.55. E.