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Courageux, 1800-1832
Type: 3rd rate ; Armament 74
Launched : 26 Mar 1800 at the King's Yard at Deptford ;

26 Mar 1800 the launch was a remarkable fine one, and attended with no difficulty, or serious disasters. Admiral Lord Hood, Lady Hood, and several other personages of distinction, were present.

Circa May 1800 Captain Hood is appointed to the Courageux.

23 Jul 1800 Portsmouth, arrived from the Downs.

26 Jul 1800 Portsmouth, departed to join Lord St. Vincent's fleet

30 Jul 1800 Plymouth, passed the Sound, to join the Channel fleet.

25 Aug 1800 operations in support of the Army against the harbour of Ferrol on the coast of Spain.

29-30 Aug 1800 ship's boats of the London, Renown, Impétueux, Courageux, Amethyst, Stag, Amelia, Brilliant, and Cynthia capture the French ship-privateer Guépe. See also p. 238, of Vol 4 of Naval Chronicle.

12 Oct 1800 Plymouth, arrived with the Renown, Impeteux, Captain, and Superb, from the secret expedition. Since the failure at Ferrol the above squadron has been cruising in the Bay.

3 Dec 1800 Plymouth, arrived from Earl St. Vincent's fleet, which passed up for Torbay, with the Barfleur, London, Montague, and Russel.

26 Jan 1801 detained the Favourable, Hanson, from Alicant to Hamburgh, laden with fruit, which was sent into Plymouth by the Courageux.

11 Feb 1801 the squadron described below parted company with the Channel Fleet, and stood to the S.W., with a fresh wind from the Eastward, with a view to tracking down Contre-amiral Ganteaume's squadron, which due, apparently to intelligence errors at the Admiralty, sent R.-Adm. Calder to the West Indies, which turned out to be a wild goose chase, Ganteaume being in the Mediterranean. The Squadron consisted of : the Prince of Wales, 98, R.-Adm. Sir R. Calder ; Pompée, 80 ; Juste, Spencer, Courageux, Montague, Cumberland, 74s ; Thames, and Magicienne, frigates ; Telegraph, brig.

13 Feb 1801 made Cape Ortegal ; captured and destroyed a Spanish brig, laden with wine.

15 Feb 1801 experienced an exceedingly violent storm, in which the Montague lost her main mast, and the Magicienne, and Telegraph, were separated from the squadron. The Montague rigged jury masts and made her way to the Tagus.

16 Feb 1801 before the Port of Ferrol.

18 Feb 1801 the remainder of the squadron assemble under Cape Finisterre, and proceed to the Southward.

19 Feb 1801 the Prince of Wales was reported to be off Lisbon with La Juste, Pompee, Courageux, Cumberland and Spencer, ships of the line, along with the frigates Diamond and Thames by the packet arriving from Falmouth.

19 Feb 1801 brought to off Lisbon ; saw the Montague at anchor there, under jury masts.

21 Feb 1801 proceeded to the Southward ; and the squadron was joined by the frigate Diamond.

22 Feb 1801 made Cape St Vincent ; no intelligence.

23 Feb 1801 stood to the S.W.

25 Feb 1801 detached the Thames towards Madeira.

26 Feb 1801 fell in with the outward-bound West India fleet, under convoy of the Topaze, frigate, and a sloop of war.

26 Feb 1801 the Prince of Wales, Adm. Sir R. Calder, with the Pompée, 80 ; La Juste, Courageux, Cumberland and Spencer, 74 ; and the frigates Diamond and Thames, 38, reported to be at Madeira, and did not anchor, but departed the following day for the Canaries, en route for Martinique.

27 Feb 1801 the squadron and convoy arrive at Madeira. The convoy anchor. Received here a few bullocks and some wine for the use of the squadron. Also, received some vague information of the enemy's squadron being at Teneriffe.

28 Feb 1801 set all sail towards Teneriffe.

1 Mar 1801 saw Teneriffe ; prepared the ships for battle and anchorage.

2 Mar 1801 the squadron plying to windward towards the Bay of Teneriffe, where a few small vessels only were found under the batteries.

3 Mar 1801 stood over to the Grand Canary.

4 Mar 1801 captured a Spanish brig laden with wheat.

5 Mar 1801 detached the Diamond to the Eastward, and prize with her.

6 Mar 1801 bore up to the West Indies.

19 Mar 1801 detached the Thames towards Barbadoes.

25 Mar 1801 brought to off Bridgetown, Barbadoes, without seeing one strange sail the whole outward passage. Called out the Thames per signal, and proceeded with the Squadron to the Northward.

26 Mar 1801 arrived and anchored in Cassa Navire Bay, Martinico.

29 Mar 1801 completed the squadron with provisions, wood and water. Weighed.

30 Mar 1801 before Dominique.

31 Mar 1801 before Montserrat.

1 Apr 1801 brought to before the Swedish Island of St Bartholomew. Saw the British flag flying on the garrison. The same at St Martin's.

2 Apr 1801 saluted R,-Adm. Duckworth, before the Danish town of Christianstadt, Santa Cruz, which with the Island of St Thomas, had been taken possession of a few days before, by a detachment of troops brought from Martinique in his squadron. Same evening departed company with R.-Adm. Duckworth's squadron, and bore up to the Westward.

3 Apr 1801 steering down the coast of Porto Rico.

4 Apr 1801 becalmed ; anchored in the White Grounds off Cape Roxa.

6 Apr 1801 plying through the Mona passage, fell in with the Thetis, and Bordelais ; supplied the latter with some provisions ; captured and destroyed a Spanish schooner. Finding the current setting strongly against the squadron bore up to the S.W.

7 Apr 1801 before the City of Hispaniola.

10 Apr 1801 before Jaquemel.

13 Apr 1801 arrived and anchored in Port Royal, Jamaica. Found here the squadron of V.-Adm. Hugh Seymour, consisting of 5 sail of the line and frigates. In entering Port Royal, the Spencer ran on one of the Knowles, but was hove off the same evening without damage. Found here also the Topaze.

18 Apr 1801 arrived the Magicienne (which parted in the storm off Cape Ortegal), with a prize corvette of 16 guns, which by mistake had attacked the Magicienne in the night. In this encounter the frigate lost 2 men, but the loss on the corvette was considerable. On entering the harbour the Magicienne ran aground and injured her copper.

19 Apr 1801 completed the squadron with provisions, &c. Supplied the squadron of Lord Seymour with several cables, boats, water casks, and volunteer marines. Also attached to his squadron the Cumberland and Magicienne ; the Thunderer being annexed to the squadron of Sir R. Calder, in want of repair. Prepared to sail, but the wind being unfavourable the squadron had one day's respite, being the first since they left England. Received here four days of fresh beef and some vegetables. Sailed the packet for England, with the Retribution frigate, formerly Hermione, to convey her through the Windward Passage. Also sailed four homeward bound merchant ships under convoy of the armed merchant ship Thetis.

21 Apr 1801 weighed and sailed, the Topaze in company with the squadron.

22 Apr 1801 off the east end of Jamaica, plying to windward.

23 Apr 1801 off the west end of St Domingo. Passed by 2 American frigates.

24 Apr 1801 came up with the packet and homeward bound ships, which sailed on the 19th.

25 Apr 1801 parted from them off Cape Nichola Mole. Parted company the Topaze.

27 Apr 1801 off Monte Christo.

28 Apr 1801 off Cape Sumana.

29 Apr 1801 made Porto Rico.

29 May 1801 arrived the Thames at Spithead with dispatches from Rear-Admiral Sir Robert Calder, whom he left in the Prince of Wales, with the Pompee, Juste, Courageux, Spencer and Thunderer, to the north-ward of St. Domingo, on their passage home. The Cumberland, one of Sir Robert's squadron, was left in the West Indies, instead of the Thunderer, being so leaky, as to require her being sent home.

1 Jun 1801 arrived Spithead. Spoke with the Formidable in the Channel, which gave orders from the Admiralty to Sir Robert to join the Channel Fleet.

4 Jun 1801 departed Spithead for Cawsand Bay.

18 Jun 1801 departed Cawsand Bay, to the eastward, the Courageux, Capt Southeby, to reinforce the North Sea fleet ; alternatively, in the London Courier & Evening Gazette she was sailing with the Juste to join the Channel Fleet....I guess we'll have to wait and see where she ended up.

29 Oct 1801 came into Cawsand Bay the Achille, and Courageux, from the Rochefort squadron, which has experienced dreadful weather.

19 Nov 1801 departed Cawsand Bay to join the fleet at Torbay. She has been victualled and stored for five months.

19 Nov 1801 remained in Torbay the Ville de Paris, Royal Sovereign, Prince of Wales, Neptune, Prince, Royal George, San Joseph, London, Magnificent, Bellerophon, Hercule, Donegal, Robust, Edgar, Belleisle, Courageux, Fisgard, Amelia, Indefatigable, Childers, Atlanta, Nimrod. The Nile cutter departing for Plymouth to be paid off.

28 Dec 1801 remained with the Channel Fleet in Torbay with the Ville de Paris.

24 Jan 1802 the following ships, are to be victualled and stored for 5 months for Channel service, viz. Magnificent, 74, Capt Gifford ; Irresistible, 74, Capt Bligh ; Audacious, 74, Capt Peard ; Courageux, 74, Capt Southeby ; Robust, 74, Capt H Jervis ; Bellerophon, 74, Captain Loring, and lighters will arrive shortly at Torbay from Plymouth. The Excellent remains in Cawsand Bay and will be victualled and stored before she returns to Torbay.

2 Mar 1802 departed Torbay this afternoon.

4 Mar 1802 arrived Plymouth Sound from Torbay, to be paid, the Courageux, 74, and Achille, 84. The Courageux was first ordered on foreign service, but was replaced by the Excellent, 74, she being in a more forward state of service.

7 Mar 1802 Courageux, 74, is reported to have particular orders with respect to her being victualled and stored for five months, for the East Indies.

14 Mar 1802 remains in Cawsand Bay.

23 Apr 1802 the Achille, Belleisle, and Courageux, went from Cawsand Bay to go up Hamoaze, but the wind being unfavourable, they came to at different buoys, and warped up with the young flood.

Circa 24 Apr 1802 Captain Plampin apptd to the Courageux.

27 Apr 1802 the Achille, 84 ; Centaur, 74 ; Courageux, 74 ; and Belleisle, 84, were paid off all standing at Plymouth ; the crews discharged.

2 May 1802 recommissioned, the same Captains and Officers are re-appointed.

16 May 1802 Rear Admiral Dacres also hoists his flag at the mizen of the Centaur, 74, at Plymouth.

17 May 1802 this forenoon four Captain's parties of Royal Marines, consisting of a Captain, two Lieutenants, and 60 privates, embarked on board the Belleisle, 84, Achille, 84, Courageaux, 74, and Centaur, 74, but seamen enter very slowly, as their money is not yet expended.

Circa 25 May 1802 Captain O. Hardy apptd to the Courageux, 74, which remains in Hamoaze.

20 Jul 1802 orders received for the following men of war, fitting for sea in Hamoaze, as soon as their crews are completed to their peace establishments, to go into the Sound, and to be victualled for four months, viz Centaur 74, Rear Admiral Dacres, Captain Littlehales ; Courageux, 74, Captain Hardy ; Belleisle, 84, Captain Whitby ; Fisgard, 48, Captain Wallis ; Hussar, 36, Captain P. Wilkinson ; Carysfort, 32, Captain Munday ; Sirius, 36, Captain Prouse.

28 Aug 1802 the two Boards of the Admiralty and Navy visited the Sound and Cawsand Bay and on passing through the Narrows of Devil's Point, and Mount Edgcumbe the Centaur, Courageux, Hussar, Sirius, and Carysfort manned ship and fired a 19 gun salute.

23 Oct 1802 a Court Martial was held on board the Courageux, at Plymouth on Lieutenant Southcote, of La Renard, of 24 guns, Hon. Captain Cathcart, lying in Hamoaze, The charges preferred against him were for tyranny and oppression against Mr. Whitehall, late Purser of La Renard. The Court, on hearing the evidence for the prosecution and the prisoner's defence, pronounced an acquittal of Lieutenant Southcote of the charges preferred against him.

27 Oct 1802 a Court Martial was held on board the Courageux, at Plymouth which lasted three days, on Joseph Beard, Ward Room Steward of the Courageux, lying in Hamoaze. The charges against him were, for stealing various articles, the property of the Ward Room Mess ; behaving disrespectfully to his Officers, by propagating reports of them tending to the injury of their characters and his Majesty's service. The Court, having patiently heard, for three days, the evidence for the prosecution, and the prisoner's defence, agreed, that the charges were not proved. He was of course acquitted, and the Court broke up. This Court Martial excited much interest, as J. Beard had, previous to its sitting, been examined twice before the Dock Magistrates, and discharged.

10 Nov 1802 R.-Adm. Dacres shifted his flag from the Centaur, 74, to the Courageux, 74, Captain O. Hardy.

11 Nov 1802 The men of the Courageux were turned over to the Centaur to complete her complement : her dispatches are hourly expected.

12 Nov 1802 Lt Pridham, of the Centaur, departing for foreign waters, was replaced by Lt Campion, of the Courageux, at the Barbican rendezvous, in Plymouth.

15 Nov 1802 so peremptory were the orders to man the Centaur at Plymouth that the Belleisle, 84, Captain Whitby, and Courageux, 74, were stripped of even the barges crew.

12 Jan 1803 R.-Adm Dacres shifted his flag in the Hamoaze, from the Courageux to the Culloden.

20 Jan 1803 orders received to get ready for sea.

3 Feb 1803 the Escort, Rambler and Gannet arrived Plymouth from Ireland with volunteer seamen for the Courageux, and Culloden fitting for sea in Hamoaze.

14 Mar 1803 made a signal to go down the harbour this afternoon, but the wind dropping she remained at her moorings.

16 Mar 1803 dropped down from Hamoaze into Cawsand Bay, the Courageux, Capt Hardy.

30 Mar 1803 a tender with pressed men arrived at the back of the island of St Nicholas, Plymouth, and lay to, whilst several boats from the Culloden and the Courageux came down to take the men back to their ships.

2 Apr 1803 loosed her fore-top-sail and fired a signal gun and is flying the Blue Peter, but order appears to have been cancelled.

11 Apr 1803 are reported to be under orders to depart Cawsand Bay for Torbay, the Culloden, R-Adm Campbell, Capt Otway ; Courageux, Capt Hardy ; and Albion, Capt Ferrier, and will sail this evening, wind permitting.

15 Apr 1803 departed Cawsand Bay for Torbay, the Culloden, Venerable, Courageux, and Thunderer.

29 Apr 1803 as a result of the expected forthcoming collapse of the Treaty of Amiens, aka, Peace of Amiens, the following squadron was arriving from Cawsand Bay and slowly forming up off Brixham Quay, at Torbay, the Culloden, Neptune, Ardent, Albion, Courageux, Venerable, and Thunderer.

9 May 1803 arrived Cawsand Bay.

18 May 1803 departed Cawsand Bay the Courageux, Capt O Hardy, for the West Indies.

21 Jun 1803 a part of a squadron which landed troops at Saint Lucie in order to recover the Island from the French.

Jul 21 1803 departed from Carlisle Bay, Barbados, with a convoy with vessels bound for Bristol, London and Liverpool..

Jul 24 1803 arrived Antigua.

Jul 28 1803 arrived St Kitts.

1 Aug 1803 Tortola Roads. The convoy is joined by the frigate Venus.

27 Aug 1803 spoke to US vessels.

30 Aug 1803 men sent on board the Stanley to assist with the pumps, however the vessel subsequently sank that night.

20 Sep 1803 the convoy divides : those for Liverpool going up St George's Channel with the Venus.

3 Oct 1803 at Portsmouth it is reported that the Busy, forming a part of the protection of the Leeward Islands convoy, which departed the Barbadoes on 1 Aug 1803, encountered a severe gale with the convoy on 29 Aug., and whilst it is known that ships Eagle and Stanley were lost, their crews were saved, but the Busy, Capt Clinch, parted company in the gale and hasn't been heard of since. The Courageux, 74, with the ships for the river is expected is expected to pass Spithead shortly, and the Venus, Capt Matson, is reported to have seen ships for Bristol safe into the Bristol Channel last Wednesday and is due here shortly.

3 Oct 1803 arrived at Spithead from the Leeward Isles.

7 Oct 1803 Dr Baird, one of the Commissioners of the Sick and Wounded Board went on board the Courageux at Spithead to inspect the crew on their return home from the West Indies.

10 Oct 1803 a court martial was held on board the Gladiator at Portsmouth on Lieut Molyneux, 1st Lt of the Courageux, Capt Hardy, on charges of contempt and disrespect, but not being substantiated he was acquitted.

5 Nov 1803 paid off at Spithead this morning and her men discharged to various ships out at Spithead.

Circa 5 Nov 1803 Capt Bertie apptd to the Courageux, vice Hardy.

Circa 19 Nov 1803 the Renard has been apptd to the next West India convoy, with the Courageux, Capt T Bertie.

Circa 26 Nov 1803 R.-Adm Dacres to hoist his flag on board the Courageux, at Portsmouth, to a command in the West Indies.

3 Dec 1803 arrived Spithead with R.-Adm Dacres, this morning, from Plymouth. Adm Dacres will shift his flag from the Niobe to the Courageux, Capt T Bertie, and depart in a few days to succeed Sir J T Duckworth, at Jamaica.

23 Dec 1803 following the receipt of intelligence from the opposite coast that the enemy was embarked, the following ships were ordered to drop down from Spithead to St Helen's : the Courageux, Adm Dacres ; the Fisgard ; Renard ; Curlew ; and Speedy to join Lord Keith in the Isis. It would appear that this turned out to be yet another rumour, although perhaps a useful exercise ?

2 Jan 1804 the Courageux departed Spithead in company with the Renard and a convoy of 140 merchantmen for the West Indies. Adm Dacres embarked in the Courageux to take command at Barbadoes.

6 May 1804 the Courageux, Capt Boyles, arrived Spithead from Plymouth.

8 May 1804 departed Spithead with a convoy of East Indiamen for the East Indies.

19 Oct 1804 arrived St Helen's from the Downs, bound for Plymouth, presumably due to the stress of the weather, bad weather prevailing in recent weeks.

21 Oct 1804 departed St Helen's for Plymouth, the Courageux, Capt Boyles.

12 Dec 1804, at Brixham, it is reported that the Channel Fleet had arrived, including the : Ville de Paris, Prince George, Defiance, Britannia, Windsor Castle, Plantagenet, Goliath, Princess Royal, Thunderer, Courageaux, Dragon, and Warrior, joining the Atlas, Temeraire, and Nemesis, which were here. No officers allowed ashore which caused some disappointment to the trades people.

May 1805 Cawsand Bay.

29 Oct 1805 in search of the Rochefort squadron. 2 Nov Phoenix reported position of the French Squadron : the chase began. 3-4 Nov 4th, the frigates harass the French rear. The action. the French haul down their colours. Casualties. The frigates role in the action. Prizes taken to Plymouth and added to the Service. The honours, awards and promotions.

3 Jan 1806 Sir J.B. Warren's squadron at St. Helen's, adverse winds preventing him sailing. 12 Jan departed for Madeira to gain intelligence of the French squadron under V.-adm. Leissegues.

4 Jun 1806 having returned from his first cruise departed from Spithead for the West Indies arriving Barbadoes 12 Jul with the Fame in lieu of the Repulse.

Plymouth 1 Jan 1807 departed for the Mediterranean.

Deal 11 Jan 1810 departed for Portsmouth.

Portsmouth 12 Jan 1810 arrived from the Eastward.

Portsmouth 16 Jan 1811 Put back being unable to reach Basque Roads, owing to southerly winds.

Portsmouth 20 Jan 1811 departed to join the Channel Fleet.

Portsmouth 21 Jan 1811 Has put back to St. Helen's.

Plymouth 28 Jan 1811 Went up the harbour to refit.

Plymouth 30 Mar 1811 Under orders to join the Baltic fleet.

Plymouth 4 Apr 1811 Went down the harbour.

Deal 15 Apr 1811 departed to the eastward.

Deal 19 Apr 1811 departed for the Texel.

Deal 7 Nov 1811 arrived from the Baltic.

Portsmouth 24 Dec 1811 arrived from the Downs.

Portsmouth 2 Jan 1812 Came into harbour to be repaired.

Portsmouth 2 Apr 1812 departed for the Downs.

Deal 3 Apr 1812 arrived from Portsmouth.

Jul 1830 Lazaretto (quarantine station) Chatham