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Courier, 1798
Type: Hired Cutter ; Armament 12
Hired : 1798 ; Disposal date or year : 1801

2 May 1799 the Ranger, with the Courier in company, captured the Vreeda.

12 May 1799 engaged a French privateer of 16 guns off Winterton, the privateer escaping in the darkness and thick weather.

13 May 1799 captured, the French privateer-schooner Ribotteur off the Texel.

1 Jul 1799 captured the Brig Frederick.

11 July 1799 Circe, off Ameland. Feel great pleasure in acquainting your Lordship that the Boats of our little Squadron, Circe, Pylades, Espeigle, Courier Cutter, and Nancy Cutter, Day, made another dash into the Watt, at the Back of Ameland last Night, and brought out Three valuable Vessels deeply laden with Sugar, Wine, and Brandy, they also burnt a large Galliott, laden with Brass Ordnance and Stores, which could not be brought off, notwithstanding the perseverance of Captain Mackenzie, to whom I am very much indebted for his coolness and judgment in the Management of this Affair; and also to Captain Boorder, whose local knowledge has been of great use to me. Lieutenant Searle, who commanded a Schoot converted into a Gun Boat, and Lieutenant Pawle, who commanded the Circe's Boats, upon this (as well as upon a former) occasion, conducted themselves very much to my satisfaction, as did the honest fellows under their Command, who were at their Oars fifteen or sixteen hours in a very hot day, opposed to an Enemy of superior Force, but I am happy to say not a man was hurt. I have the Honour to be, my Lord, &c. R. Winthrop.

11 Aug 1799 part of a light squadron which re-captured the late British gun-brig Crash off the coast of Holland.

12 Aug 1799 small craft and ship's boats of a light squadron capture a number of Dutch schuyts : the attack also results in the destruction of the Dutch schooner Vengeance, at the second attempt.

23 Nov 1799 chased and captured the French privateer Guerrier.

15 Feb 1800 prize and head money &c. resulting from the capture of the French Privateer Le Rebotteur due for payment on returning to Yarmouth.

24 May 1800 prize and head money due from the capture of the French Privateer Le Guerrier will be paid on board on return to Yarmouth, (Lieutenant Thomas Searle).

15 Dec 1800 Yarmouth Roads, the Courier, has been obliged to quit her station, between Flamborough Head and the Humber, in consequence of an action fought with a French privateer brig a few days back, per flag officer.

20 Jan 1801 came down from Chatham to Sheerness having been refitted.

22 Jan 1801 departed Sheerness, the Courier, Lt Wright, for N. Yarmouth.

23 Feb 1801 arrived in the R. Humber from N. Yarmouth, to take a convoy from Hull, to Hamburgh, on the next fair wind.

7 Apr 1801 will be paid an advance of prize money due for the capture of the Brig Frederick.

27 Sep 1801 arrived N. Yarmouth, from the Baltic.

30 Sep 1801 departed N. Yarmouth for Dover the cutter Courier and lugger Phoenix.

Circa 26 Dec 1801 Captain Maitland, of the Waasener, apptd to the Courier.