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Cracker, 1797
Type: Gun-vessel ; Armament 12
Launched : 1797 ; Disposal date or year : Dec 1802
Tons (BM) : 161 Tons.

13 Aug-Oct 1799 employed on expedition to Holland.

2 Apr 1801 arrived Sheerness the Cracker, Lt O'Brian, from a cruise.

21 Apr 1801 departed N. Yarmouth this morning a squadron for the Baltic under the command of Adm. Totty in the Zealous, with the Powerful, Vengeance, 74s ; Ruby, 64 ; Alkmaar, Hospital Ship ; Pomone, frigate ; Vesuve, Wrangler, Ready, Safeguard, Pincher, Eclipse, Boxer, Plumper, Griper, Adder and Cracker gun vessels ; Drake, cutter ; Prince William, hired armed ship.

18 Jun 1801 a letter of this date, received from Kioge Bay, in the Baltic, reports the presence of the following fleet, this at about the same time as Lord Nelson departed in the Kite for N. Yarmouth, V.-Adm Pole having arrived here in the Aeolus to relieve Nelson : the St George, Elephant, Defiance, Polyphemus, Edgar, Agamemnon, Defence, Adder, Aeolus, Kite, Dart, Zebra, Terror, Explosion, Sulphur, Discovery, Volcano, Hecla, Wrangler, Cracker, Safeguard, Sparkler, Attack, Tigress, Bruiser, Hasty, Biter, Otter, Force, Pleaser, Teazer.

19 Jul 1801 arrived N. Yarmouth with the Baltic fleet under the command of Adm Graves ; for the make up of the much reduced fleet click on : Defiance, flag ship.

20 Jul 1801 The fleet under the command of R.-Adm. Sir Thomas Graves, which arrived yesterday evening from the Baltic, departed N. Yarmouth today, supposed for a cruise off Holland : for the revised make up of the fleet click on Polyphemus.

1 Aug 1801 sailed early this morning V.-Adm. Lord Nelson, in the Medusa, with the Plumper, Cracker, Bruiser, Tigress, Boxer, Teaser, Griper, Eclipse, and Ferriter gun brigs, the Anacreon armed brig, on a cruise of the coast of France.

2 Oct 1801 arrived in the Downs from a cruise.

8 Oct 1801 departed the Downs on a cruise.

17 Oct 1801 departed the Downs on a cruise.

28 Oct 1801 arrived Sheerness, the Cracker, Lt _______, from the Downs, and has now come into the Little Nore to be paid their wages tomorrow. Wind N., moderate.

18 Nov 1801 remains in the harbour at Sheerness.

3 Dec 1801 remains Sheerness with numerous vessels, waiting to be paid off etc.

10 Dec 1801 gun brigs that have been paid off and dismantled at Sheerness, will have been laid up in ordinary in Queenborough Creek.

24 Mar 1802 taken into harbour at Sheerness.

7 Apr 1802 one of 20+ vessels to be paid off at Sheerness and the Nore.

17 Nov-30 Dec 1802 prize money resulting from the expedition to Holland due for payment.

3 Jan 1803 notice is given that the Cracker Gun-Vessel, 161 Tons, Copper-bottomed, lying at Deptford, lying at Sheerness, has been put up for sale.