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Cracker, 1804
Type: Gun Brig ; Armament 14
Launched : 30 Jun 1804 ;
Disposal date or year : 1815

22 Oct 1804 arrived Spithead from a cruise.

Circa 27 Oct 1804 remains at Spithead.

27 Dec 1804 arrived Spithead the Cracker, Lieut Douglas, from off Havre.

May 1805 Spithead

18-23 Jul 1805 attacks on convoys off Calais - Vimereux - Ambleteuse.

17 Jun 1808 captured the French privateer Eté on the Home station.

20 Nov 1810 captured the French privateer Diane in the North Sea.

Yarmouth 20 Jan 1811 departed for the Nore.

Deal 20 Jun 1811 arrived with a convoy.

Yarmouth 7 Jul 1811 Remains with with convoy for Leith.

Yarmouth 12 Jul 1811 departed with convoy of transports, to Leith.

Yarmouth 28 Jul 1811 departed with convoy of transports for the Downs.

Deal 4 Aug 1811 arrived from a cruise.

Dover 21 Aug 1811 Having been taken by privateers, the Hope of Lymington, has been recaptured and sent into the Downs.

Deal 22 Aug 1811 departed to resume her station.

Deal 17 Sep 1811 departed with a convoy for Portsmouth.

Deal 23 Sep 1811 departed to cruise off South Foreland.

Deal 25 Sep 1811 arrived having been driven off her station by a gale.

Deal 26 Sep 1811 departed to resume her station off the French coast.

Yarmouth 6 Nov 1811 arrived.

Yarmouth 10 Nov 1811 Has departed for the protection of the convoy recently dispersed in the Nort sea.

Deal 15 Dec 1811 arrived from off the coast of France.

Deal 13 Jan 1812 arrived from off Dunkirk.

Deal 1 Feb 1812 arrived from off the French Coast, having received considerable damage in her hull and rigging in an action of three hours with a French gun brig, so close inshore that she was assisted by the flying artillery.

Deal 24 Feb 1812 departed to give assistance to a ship standing to the westward, back of the Sands, under jury masts.

Yarmouth 7 Jul 1812 arrived from Leith and departed.

Harwich 30 May 1813 arrived last evening.

Deal 17 Jan 1814 Came down from the River.

Deal 28 Mar 1814 departed with the outward-bound convoys of East and West Indiamen, transports, coasters, and colliers, for Portsmouth.

Portsmouth 1 Jun 1814 departed with prisoners for Havre de Grace.

Portsmouth 19 Jun 1814 arrived from Plymouth.

Portsmouth 26 Aug 1814 departed on a cruise in the Channel after American privateers.

Portsmouth 5 Sep 1814 arrived from Guernsey.

Isles of Scilly 30 Sep 1814 Came in from Dublin, bound to Portsmouth.

Portsmouth 7 Nov 1814 arrived from the back of the Isle of Wight.

Portsmouth 11 Nov 1814 departed on a cruise.

Portsmouth 8 Dec 1814 arrived from Guernsey.