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Creole, 1813
Type: 5th rate ; Armament 36
Launched : Plymouth 1813 ; Disposal date or year : 1833

1 May 1813 Launched from the Dockyard.

8 Sep 1813 departed Plymouth to join the squadron off St. Sebastian.

28 Sep 1813 departed Plymouth on a cruise.

4 Oct 1813 arrived Spithead from Plymouth.

18 Dec 1813 arrived Teneriffe the 14th inst., and departed today.

26 Dec 1813 On the 14th touched at Santa Cruz, in quest of two French frigates, and having watered, departed again on the 18th.

23 Jan 1814 Creole and Astrea discovered two French 40-gun frigates Etoile and Sultane off the island of Mayo and departed in chase which resulted in a sanguinary engagement.

12 Oct 1814 arrived Spithead from the coast of Africa, last from St. Helena, (23 Aug).

20 Oct 1814 departed Spithead for Sheerness, to be paid off.

12 Nov 1814 to be paid off at Sheerness.

14 Jun 1819 remains at Rio Janeiro.

5 Aug 1820 is ready at Spithead to proceed to Buenos Ayres, via Lisbon and Rio Janeiro.

14 Sep 1820 reported to be at Lisbon.

11 Oct 1820 the Admiralty announced that the commanding officers of the following vessels now cruising on the South America Station, ie the Owen Glendower, Hyperion, Creole, Conway, Slaney, and Alacrity, have been supplied with their instructions, should the right circumstances arise, authorising them to detain Portuguese or Spanish vessels in accordance with the several Treaties with foreign powers for preventing the Illegal Traffic in slaves with those countries.

5 Apr 1821 Is reported to be off the coast of Chile.

13 Sep 1821 departed Callao for Valparaiso.

27 Sep 1821 arrived Valparaiso from Callao.

1 Oct 1822 Is stationed on the South American station, according to the Navy List.

1830 Chatham - 42 guns

25 May 1831 Ramillies, Creole, Iphigenia, Dartmouth, and Hussar, are ordered to be fitted at Chatham as temporary lazarettos, in consequence of the recent quarantine order.