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Crescent, 1810
Type: 5th rate ; Armament 38
Launched : 11 Dec 1810 ; Disposal date or year : 1854
BM: 1084 tons

Wingo Sound 30 Oct 1811 departed with a convoy for the Baltic.

Plymouth 11 Jan 1813 remains.

17 Apr 1813 departed Cork, with a convoy for Halifax.

21 May 1813, the Crescent, and Conflict, arrived Halifax with a part of a convoy made up as follows: Forth, Aid, Sarah, Spanish Patriot, William, Diana, Dorset, John Peat, Augusta, and Europe.

23 May 1813, the Boxer, arrived Halifax, from Cork, with a part of a convoy, some of which arrived 21st inst.: Cerberus, Alexander, Duck and Port.

16 Sep 1813 captured US privateer schooner Elbridge Gerry, 14 guns, 66 men, arrived Halifax 25 Sep.

20 Dec 1813 Reported to be wintering at Newfoundland.

Cove 21 Oct 1814 Has the convoy signal flying for the West Indies.

Cork 29 Oct 1814 departed on a cruise.

Cork 2 Nov 1814 departed with her convoy.

18 Dec 1814 arrived Demerara from Cork.

13 Aug 1815 passed by Portsmouth with a convoy from the Leeward Islands.

15 Aug 1815 Is reported to have arrived on Sunday in the Downs with the Leeward Islands convoy, having departed from St. Thomas's on 28 Jun, with 87 sail in company, 49 of which are in the Downs, the rest have parted company earlier for Bristol and Ireland etc.

16 Aug 1815 departed Deal to Portsmouth.

29 Aug 1815 has been paid off at Portsmouth and put into ordinary.

1830 Sheerness

21 Dec 1839 has been fitting at Chatham to serve as a receiving ship at Rio de Janeiro for redeemed slaves, is now ready. Lieutenants N. S. Nott and N. H. Pipon take a passage in her to that station.

4 Jan 1840 Portsmouth The Crescent frigate, fitted as a slave depot-ship at Rio Janeiro, is expected here shortly to embark several officers waiting a passage.

25 Jan 1840 Portsmouth at Spithead.

6 Apr 1840 slave depot/receiving ship, arrived at Rio Janeiro.

30 Apr 1840 the Stag has instructed the Crescent to receive 19 Supernumerary prisoners from the Nova Piedade, Hulk.

31 Aug 1840 the Stag instructs the Crescent to put the prisoner who attempted to escape after dark in irons.

1 Sep 1840 is to take on board the Negroes and prisoners from the Wizard's prize, victualling the latter according to the regulations.

15 Jan 1841 is to take on board the 33 prisoners from the Fawn and to victual them accordingly.

15 Feb 1841 is to take on board 18 prisoners from the brig Grecian's, from the slave brig Saudade, and victual them accordingly.

23 Feb 1841 is to take on board 22 prisoners from the Fawn, taken from the slave brig Dois de Fevereiro, and victual them accordingly.

6 Mar 1841 is to take on board 13 passengers and a Negroe Servant, taken by the Grecian from the Hamburghese bark Louise, and victual them accordingly.

18 Mar 1841 is to take on board for safekeeping the master and 3 crew of the Brazilian brig Nova Aurora, and victual them accordingly.

6 May 1841 the Clio orders that the Fawn has some prisoners on board which you are to take on board and victual accordingly.

6 Jun 1841 to take on board a number of persons, per attached list, late of the Brazilian slave vessel Patacho "Castro," and victual them accordingly.

22 Jun 1841 the Commanding Officer of the Crescent, Lieut Donellan, advises of changes in the routine for future admissions to the Crescent :
In consequence of representations made to the Admiralty, instructions have been sent to the Commander in Chief of HM Forces on this station to inquire into my conduct respecting my treatment of the prisoner Boisson, the late master of the slaver Asseiceira, and in making my report respecting what occurred, I find it exceedingly desirable to have your declaration as the Captor's Proctor, in the case of that vessel, before the Mixed Commission Court, at what date you found yourself in possession of all the needful and obtainable evidence in which to sue for sentence in the case. I have &&&.

25 Nov 1841 with respect to Negroes borne and victualled on board the Crescent as former crew members of Slave Vessels, approval has been give for them to be paid as Landmen while they remain on the Crescent.

23 Feb 1842 at Rio de Janeiro.

5 Mar 1842 the President arrived Rio de Janeiro from Valparaiso and the Crescent remained at Rio on the departure of the President for England.

21 Apr 1842 at Rio.

21 Sep 1842 at Rio de Janeiro.

6 Sep 1843 the Frolic's boats detained a slave schooner, thought to be the Vencedora, near St. Anne's Island, off Campos, to the North of Cape Frio, one of the crew being killed. The Vencedora was unfit for the voyage to the Cape, so the 338 negroes found on board were landed and taken on board the Crescent at Rio.

11 Nov 1843 the Dolphin detained an unnamed vessel off Corma Sound, 120 miles from Rio, with 569 negroes on board, who were taken to Rio de Janeiro and embarked on board the Crescent.

25 Apr 1845/46 paid to PMG 598 16s. 7d. on account of iron tanks supplied, as a payment out of the Grant for Captured Negroes and Liberated Africans.

19 Aug 1845, anchored in Rio harbour with the Grecian, Seagull, Penguin, and Spy ; survey vessels Herald and Pandora ; US vessels Raritan, and Bainbridge ; and Brazilian frigate Isabella, when the survey vessels Herald and Pandora arrived.

3 Jul 1845/46 paid to H.C.J. Hamilton 130 13s. 10d. on account of articles supplied for the use of the Africans on board between 1 Apr and 31 Dec 1844.

20 Dec 1848 Receiving ship at Rio de Janeiro.

28 Mar 1851 flag and receiving ship at Rio de Janeiro.

30 Aug 1851 Rio de Janeiro.