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Cressy, 1853
Type: 3rd rate ; Armament 80
Launched : 21 Jul 1853 ; Disposal date or year : 1867
BM: 2539 tons ; Displacement: 3707 tons
Propulsion: Screw
Machinery notes: 400

Initially ordered in 1844 as a part of the Vanguard class but although her keel was laid in 1846, and timbers were ready, at Chatham, she was reordered in 1852 and converted to screw on the stocks.

Jan 1848 Chatham, Building

12 Apr 1854 the fleet weighed from Kjoge Bay and took up its cruising ground off Gottska Sando on the 15th - see p. 415-> at

15 Apr 1854 captured Russian brig Patrioten [Prize Money per London Gazette of 21 Jul 1857].

13 Jun 1854 the French fleet joined the British in the Baltic at Baro Sound - see p. 419-> at

18 Mar 1855, to effect necessary repairs at Spithead.

19 Feb 1856 Naval Cadet Hawarth apptd.

4 Mar 1856 Court Martial of acting assistant engineer of the second class Henry Duncan - see below

23 Apr 1856, Present at Fleet Review, Spithead ; Captain Warren

1860 Mediterranean

Daily News 5 Mar 1856
Court Martial
Portsmouth - 4 Mar 1856. A court martial was held on board the Victory, flag ship, today, to try Mr Henry Duncan, acting assistant engineer of the second class, serving on board the Cressy, 50, screw ship, Captain Warren, on the following charge:

"For that the said Mr Henry Duncan, being in actual service and on full pay, when sent on shore on duty to Deal Hospital (the ship being at the Downs at the time), on 1?th Feb 1856, to assist the chief engineer to make up his accounts. And with orders to return on board that afternoon, did not obey the said order, but absented himself till he was apprehended, on the 18 Feb, about 40 miles from his ship, when he was taken to her Majesty's ship Waterloo, at Sheerness." The court found the charge proved, with the exception of so much of it as related to his having been apprehended on 18th February 40 miles from his ship, for which there was no direct evidence before the court, and sentenced the prisoner to be mulcted of all pay due to him, to be reduced to the third class of assistant engineers, and to be disqualified to promotion to a higher grade for the space of one year. [The court consisted of the usual admiral and numerous senior captain's who are hauled in for these proceedings] The prosecution was conducted by Captain R.L. Warren of the Cressy, who gave the prisoner a good character for general conduct, &c.