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Cuckoo, 1837
Type: Steam packet ;
Launched : 1837 acquired ; Disposal date or year : 1865
BM: 234 tons
Propulsion: Paddle

Transferred from Post Office, ex-Cinderella.

29 Mar 1840 to be completely fitted out.

21 Jul 1840 Mr. William Lidstone, second master of the San Josef, Captain J. N. Taylor, C.B., guard-ship, stationed at Portsmouth, has been appointed second master of the packet Cuckoo, based at Weymouth, vice Dor, to the Lucifer.

21 Jul 1840 Mr. Julius Dor, second master of the Cuckoo steam-vessel, has been appointed to be acting master of the Lucifer steam vessel, vise Cook, promoted to the Firebrand.

7 Aug 1840 Woolwich, Mr. Cook, master of the Lucifer, recently appointed to the Firebrand, and Mr. Dor, master of the Cuckoo. recently appointed to the Lucifer, have been ordered to join their respective ships immediately, without waiting to be superseded, as is usually the case.

11 Aug 1840, Woolwich, left Woolwich this morning for Portsmouth and Weymouth.

2 Jan 1841 Portsmouth, departed on Tuesday for Weymouth.

29 May 1841 Second engineer A. Innes, additional appointed to the Victory, for the packet Cuckoo, based at Weymouth.

11 Aug 1841 departed Spithead for Weymouth.

4 Sep 1841 Lieutenant J. Day, appointed to Victory, for service of the packet Cuckoo, based at Weymouth.

11 Sep 1841 Lieutenant Abraham Parks appointed to the Victory, for service in the packet Cuckoo, based at Weymouth.

Apr 1842, attached to the Packet Station at Weymouth.

20 Dec 1848 Portsmouth.

30 Aug 1851 Channel Islands

27 Jun 1854 detained Russian ship-of-war Vengeur.

23 Apr 1856 present at Fleet Review, Spithead ; Lieutenant Murray