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Cumberland, 1807
Type: 3rd rate ; Armament 74
Launched : 19 Aug 1807 ; Disposal date or year : 1870
BM: 1718 tons

Circa 1 Feb 1808 having, due to bad weather, been unable to maintain a watch off Rochefort, R.-adm. Strachan's squadron, on being informed of the escape of the French squadron, probably bound to the Mediterranean, departed in pursuit.

Circa 4 Feb 1808 off Ferrol, spoke Sir R King's squadron ; on the 9th was off Cadiz, passed the Rock on the following day, and joined V.-adm. E. Thornborough's squadron in Palermo bay on the 21st.

2 Mar 1808 joined Lord Collingwood's squadron off the island of Maritimo. 6 Mar received news that the French fleet had been at sea for a month and departed in search, which continued for a week or two after the French fleet had returned to Toulon on 10 Apr. Leaving Vice-admiral Thornborough with a sufficient force to blockade Toulon, Lord Collingwood departed for Gibraltar and Cadiz, to contribute his aid to the cause of the Spanish patriots.

23-26 Oct 1809 a part of the Mediterranean fleet off the coast of Catalonia, was sent in chase of a small French squadron from Toulon which resulted in the destruction of the French ships Robuste and Lion.

31 Oct 1809 ship's boats of a part of the Mediterranean fleet attack and destroy or capture the remains of the convoy anchored in the bay of Rosas, under the protection of Fort-Trinidad.

Portsmouth 21 Sep 1811 arrived from the Mediterranean, (17 Aug), and is under quarantine at the Motherbank.

Deal 9 Jan 1812 departed for Portsmouth.

Portsmouth 23 Oct 1811 Is docked.

Portsmouth 1 Jan 1812 departed to join the Flushing fleet.

Deal 2 Jan 1812 arrived from Portsmouth.

Deal 10 Jan 1812 Put back by contrary winds.

Deal 11 Jan 1812 departed for Portsmouth.

Torbay 6 Feb 1812 departed for her station on the Bass Isle.

Torbay 11 Feb 1812 departed to cruise off the Coast of France.

Torbay 12 Feb 1812 arrived and remains.

Plymouth Dock 13 Apr 1812 arrived and anchored in Cawsand Bay, from a cruise after the French Squadron.

Portsmouth 20 Apr 1812 arrived from Plymouth.

Portsmouth 27 Apr 1812 departed for the Baltic.

Deal 2 Oct 1812 departed for off the North Foreland.

St. Thomas 8 May 1813 departed with a convoy to England.

Jun 1813 Cumberland reportedly in the Atlantic in command of a homeward-bound West-India fleet.

Plymouth 28 Jun 1813 departed last evening with the homeward-bound West India convoy of 100 sail, bound for London, with a fine breeze from the westward.

Hosely Bay 20 Jan 1814 The Bedford, on parting her cables in the gale, ran on board the Cumberland and caused much damage to her bow-sprit and all her masts.

Portsmouth 29 May 1814 Appointed convoy for the Brazils, Cape of Good Hope, South Seas, and the East Indies.

Portsmouth 8 Jun 1814 departed with a convoy for the East Indies.

Deal 26 Jun 1815 Embarked French prisoners of war and departed to Portsmouth.

Portsmouth 28 Jun 1815 departed with French prisoners bound for Plymouth.

1830 Convict Hulk at Chatham.

1833 Renamed Fortitude.