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Curieux, 1804
Type: Brig-sloop ; Armament 18 (8 x long 6-pdrs & 10 x 24-pdr carronades ; late 16 x French 6-pounders)
Taken : 4 Feb 1804 ; Disposal date or year : 3 Nov 1809
Disposal Details : Wrecked in the West Indies: crew saved. Captain Hon. Geo. Moysey
Complement: 67

3 Feb 1804 the Centaur's ship's boats cut out the French brig-corvette Curieux from Carénage, Fort-Royal harbour, Martinique, taken into the Service without a change of name.

Circa Jul 1804 captured the French privateer Elizabeth.

Circa 15 Sep 1804 letters received from Barbadoes report the death of Capt Reynolds, of the Curieux, who received the command of her for his gallant conduct in cutting her out from under Fort Edward, Martinique, having received 7 wounds in the conflict ; his remains having been deposited on the Diamond Rock, Martinique.

8 Feb 1805 capture of the French privateer Madame / Dame-Ernouf on the Leeward Island station.

19 Jun 1805 Curieux, on her way home with Lord Nelson's despatches, had, in latitude 33° 12' north, longitude 58° west, fallen in with the Franco-Spanish fleet.

7 Jul 1805 arrived at Plymouth with despatches.

25 Nov 1805 captured the Spanish privateer Brilliano lugger, 5 guns, 55 men, off Portugal.

5 Feb 1806 captured the Spanish privateer Baltidore, 6 guns, 47 men, off Lisbon.

3 Dec 1807 action with the French privateer Revanche.