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Curlew, 1803
Type: Sloop ; Armament 16
Purchased : Jun 1803 ;
Disposal date or year : 1810

C 15 Aug 1803 Capt Northey apptd to the Curlew.

30 Oct 1803 departed the Downs on a cruise.

1 Dec 1803 arrived Spithead, the Vulture, 16, Capt Green ; the Curlew, 16, Capt Northey ; and the Speedwell brig, Lieut Robertson, with upwards of 100 sail of ships from the Downs.

5 Dec 1803 departed Spithead on a cruise.

23 Dec 1803 following the receipt of intelligence from the opposite coast that the enemy was embarked, the following ships were ordered to drop down from Spithead to St Helen's : the Courageux, Adm Dacres ; the Fisgard ; Renard ; Curlew ; and Speedy to join Lord Keith in the Isis. It would appear that this turned out to be yet another rumour, although perhaps a useful exercise ?

24 Dec 1803 the Renard, Hon Capt Cathcart ; the Curlew, Capt Northey ; and the Speedy, Capt Pigott, departed Spithead for the Coast of France.

24 Oct 1804 arrived Spithead, the Reindeer, Capt Fyffe ; Saracen, Capt Beauchamp ; Eugenie, Capt Webb ; Curlew, Capt Northey ; with a large convoy from the Downs, many of which are bound to the Mediterranean ; and several transports with the Royal Irish Regt, 57th and 61st Regts on board, which have since departed for Jersey.

31 Oct 1804 departed Spithead for a cruise.

25 Nov 1804 arrived Spithead, the Unicorn, Capt Hardyman ; the Hyaena, Capt Fahie ; the Curlew, Capt Northey ; with a large convoy from the Downs, which included Capt Watson's division of transports.

5 Dec 1804 departed Spithead the Curlew, and the Devastation, Capt Milner, with a convoy for the Eastward, amongst which were the three vessels which have the persons on board who were put into quarantine in Chichester harbour, for Standgate Creek.

19 Mar 1805 departed with a convoy for Newfoundland.