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Curlew, 1811
Type: Sloop ; Armament 18
Disposal date or year : 1822
BM: 382 tons

22 Feb 1813, Curlew, Captain Michael Head, arrived Liverpool, N.S.

24 Feb 1813, departed Liverpool.

24 Feb 1813, arrived Halifax, from a cruise.

26 Mar 1813, captured the American ship Volante, Perley, en route from Bayonne, for Boston, with silk and brandy.

2 Apr 1813, arrived Halifax with Volante.

8 Apr 1813, departed Halifax on a cruise.

9 Apr 1812, boarded the brig John, prize to the Liverpool Packet.

12 Apr 1813, in company with the Nymphe, captured the sloop Mary-Ann-Caroline, with corn and turps.

20 Apr 1813, in company with the Hogue, Rattler, and Curlew, captured the letter of marque brig Vivid, with an assorted cargo.

24 April 1813 captured the Brig Sally.

27 Apr 1813, arrived Halifax a prize to the Nymphe, Hogue, Rattler, and Curlew, the letter of marque brig Vivid.

2 May 1813 chased by the US frigates President and Congress, but escaped.

21 May 1813 the Curlew and Tenedos captured the U.S. schooner privateer Enterprise, 4 guns, 91 men.

25 May 1813 arrived with the Enterprise, from Salem, and not taken any prizes.

7 Jul 1813, captured the Schooners Two Brothers and Swift.

9 Jul 1813, captured the Schooner Precilla.

12 Jul 1813, arrived Halifax, from a cruise, having captured 4 schooners.

7 Aug 1813, captured the Sloop Eunice.

17 Aug 1813 the Nymphe and Curlew captured the sloop Endeavour, from Castine, for Boston.

12 Aug 1813 the Nymphe and Curlew, captured the The Gennett, 35 tons, going fishing.

25 Aug 1813, arrived Halifax from a cruise.

10-11 Sep 1813, departed Halifax with a convoy for Quebec.

18 Oct 1813, arrived Halifax, with a convoy from the east.

19 Jan 1814, the Raleigh arrived Halifax, N.S., from Quoddy, reporting that the Martin, Curlew and Shelburne, were left in Quoddy Bay, per Acadian Recorder 22 January 1814 Vol. 2 No. 4.

4 Mar 1814, the Curlew, Capt. M. Head, and Manly, Lieut. Hare, arrived Halifax from St. John's, N.B.

25 Mar 1814, the Curlew arrived Liverpool, N.S., with news that she was to be based on that part of the coast, which would appear to have been well received by the local mariners, having had American privateers sitting off-shore for days at a time.

11 Apr 1814, arrived Halifax, N.S. the English ship Plutus, Capt. Graham, last from Gibraltar, for London, captured by the privateer America, of Salem, re-captured by the Curlew.

13 Apr 1814, arrived Halifax, N.S., with the Rifleman, from a cruise.

28 May 1814 arrived Halifax, N.S., with a convoy of many vessels including the Ontario, from Alicant to Greenock, captured by the yankee privateer Lawrence, and re-taken by the Curlew off Cape Sables ; the Two Brothers, from Liverpool, to the Baltic, captured by the yankee privateer Scourge, and re-taken by the Curlew ; the brig Thomas & Sally, from Lisbon to London, captured by the yankee privateer Grand Turk, re-taken by the Curlew and Martin ; and the Spanish brig Catherine, from St. Domingo, for New Bedford, sent in by the Superb.

23 May 1814, arrived Liverpool, N.S., and departed the following day.

Circa 11 Jun 1814, departed for Cape Breton.

19 Oct 1814, arrived Halifax, with a convoy from Sydney.

28 Oct 1814, arrived Halifax, from a cruise.

9 Dec 1814 at Halifax she is reported to have made her number and stood off.

10 Dec 1814 arrived at Halifax with the brig Mary, which departed from hence under convoy of the Leander, but sprang a leak in a gale of Cape Sable and put back.

18 Dec 1814, arrived Halifax, from a cruise. Is reported to have boarded the sloop Hope, prize to the Liverpool Packet, and put on board a prize crew, removing all the Packet's men, except the prize master, a Mr Godfrey. That night the Hope went ashore on Ragged Islands, resulting in the death of Mr. Caldwell. More detail can be found on page 3 of the Acadian Recorder for 14 January 1815.

Circa 6 Jan 1815, arrived St. John's, N.B., with the Rifleman.

26 Apr 1815, arrived Halifax, from the westward.

Portsmouth 24 Jun 1815 arrived.

Trincomalee 18 Aug 1819 Was reported by the Eden to be cruising in the Gulf.

Port Louis 2 Sep 1819 Is reported to be one of a number of vessels fitting at Bombay, to take part in the expedition against the pirates in the Persian Gulf.

Expedition to Ras-al-Khyma, Gulf of Persia, late 1819, with the Liverpool and Eden, where the works were taken and destroyed and all the piratical vessels in port were burnt or sunk. See p. 234 at

Madras 25 Jun 1820 In the roads.

11 Oct 1820 the Admiralty announced that the commanding officers of the following vessels now cruising on the East Indies Station, ie the Leander, Liverpool, Topaze, Dauntless, Curlew, and Carron, have been supplied with their instructions, should the right circumstances arise, authorising them to detain Portuguese or Spanish vessels in accordance with the several Treaties with foreign powers for preventing the Illegal Traffic in slaves with those countries.

Madras 2 Jun 1821 Was reported to be in the China Seas.

27 Nov 1821 In the East Indies.