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Cyane / Cayenne, 1796
Type: Sloop ; Armament 18
Launched : 1796 ; Disposal date or year : was captured by the French in May 1805, and recaptured Oct 1805 ; sold Jan 1809. See below

3 May 1797 captured the French privateer Bayonaise.

26 Feb 1798 captured a French privateer, Name unknown, off St. Vincent's.

Between 7 Nov and 10 Dec 1798 captured the French privateer Jombie on the Leeward Island station.

15 Jan 1801 captured a vessel from a convoy off Guadeloupe.

17 Jan 1801 captured the French schooner Éclair, purchased into the service.

10 Mar 1801 at Martinique, in company with the transport Calcutta, en route from Dominique to Antigua.

12 Apr 1801 the Magicienne was at Barbadoes with a French privateer brig L'Impatient, her prize, when the Falmouth packet Townshend arrived Barbadoes from the Leeward Isles. The Townshend departed Barbadoes for Martinique, where she found the Unity frigate, and Cayenne (Cyane) sloop of war, the latter accompanying her to Dominica : at Antigua she found the Southampton, and at St Kitt's L'Aimable frigate, with the Actaeon Danish brig of war, which had been captured at St Thomas's, and also found the Amphitrite frigate, and Daphne, 20, putting together a convoy for England. After landing her mails at the several West India Islands she arrived at Tortola on 5th May. Whilst at Tortola the Townshend observed the Amphitrite and Daphne pass by with a convoy for England. 8 May the Townshend departed Tortola accompanied by HM ship Hornet. [Regret the absence of some dates, but not always given, so have given details provided so that with a map you can give the details some background.]

21 Jan 1803 when the Falmouth packet Lord Charles Spencer arrived at Barbadoes she found the Blenheim, 74, Excellent, 74, Emerald, 36, Heureux, 26, and the sloops Hornet and Cyane lying there.

2 Apr 1803 the Cyane departed Montserrat on a cruise, per the Falmouth packet Chesterfield.

12 May 1803 a letter as dated from Barbadoes reports that the Centaur, Argo, Emerald, Heureux, Cyane, Osprey, Gauchapin, Drake, Netley, and L'Eclair are now gone to Martinique, and the Venus and Hornet cruise off Guadaloupe.

Circa 14 Jul 1803 per a letter received from the Centaur it is reported that the Cyane joined the Centaur at Barbadoes with 2 French transports she'd detained, and 375 troops, and ordnance stores for Martinico. Since then the Chichester has arrived at Barbadoes from Spithead with the Royals. The Centaur also reports the deaths of Lt Mowatt, of the Ulysses ; Mids Willer and Child, and Mr Archdeacon, purser of the Emerald ; and Mid Cole of the Blenheim. Lt Woolcombe of the Argo has been apptd to the Centaur ; Lt K Nowseley of the Ulysses to the Argo ; Mid Edwards of the Centaur to the Ulysses ; Mr Clewlow, purser of the Ulysses apptd to the Emerald ; Mr Bead, purser of the Cyane, to the Ulysses ; Mr Scott, clerk of the Ulysses, to be purser of the Cyane ; Mid Compton of the Centaur, promoted Lieut., and apptd to the Blenheim ; Mid Finchley of the Argo promoted Lieut, and apptd to the Cyane.

2 Jan 1804 recaptured the Westmoreland, from the Coast of Guinea, taken by the French privateer General Ernouf.

24 Jan 1804 captured the French privateer Bellone, 8 guns, 84 men, in the latitude of Barbadoes, after a chase of 5 hours, last from Surinam, out 7 days and taken nothing, and had thrown her guns overboard during the chase.

27 Jan 1804 captured the French privateer Harmonie on the Leeward Island station.

Circa 26 May 1804 at Portsmouth it is reported that the Cayenne, sloop, had captured the French privateer Recompense, which was sent into Barbadoes.

Circa 15 Sep 1804 Mr Scott purser of the Cyane.

12 Nov 1804 captured the French privateer Buonaparte off Mariegalante.

May 1805 Leeward Islands

May 1805 captured the Spanish privateer Justicia, schooner, 4 guns, 95 men.

12 May 1805 captured by the French frigates Hortense and Hermione, near Martinique. Commander Hon. Geo. Cadogan. Renamed by the French "Cerf."

9 Oct 1805 Princess Charlotte captured the French ship-corvette Cerf, late British sloop, Cyane.