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Cyane / Cayenne, 1806
Type: Sloop ; Armament 20
Launched : 1806 ; Disposal date or year : 20 Mar 1815
Disposal Details : Captured by the American Frigate Constitution, sixty leagues west-south-west of Madeira Captain Gordon Thomas Falcon
BM: 539 tons

8 Dec 1807 Vanguard, Cyane, and Hired Armed Cutter Resolution, captured the Danish Ketch Jeltzomine den Rofke, the Tigress gun brig in company.

8 April 1809 prize money due to the Vanguard, Cyane, Tigress and Hired Armed Cutter Resolution, for the captured Danish Ketch Jeltzomine den Rofke and cargo, will be paid on Thursday the 13th instant.

24-27 Jun 1809 actions of the Cyane and Espoir, with a squadron of gun boats, off the islands of Ischia and Procida, including the engagement with the French frigate Cérès, off Naples.

Portsmouth 23 Apr 1811 arrived.

Portsmouth 10 Jun 1811 Sails to-morrow with troop transports.

Falmouth 21 Jun 1811 departed with convoy for Portugal and Mediterranean.

Gibraltar 7 Oct 1811 From Malta, departed for England with a convoy.

Portsmouth 23 Oct 1811 arrived with a convoy from Malta (1 Sep) and Gibraltar (5 Oct), and now under quarantine.

Portsmouth 24 Oct 1811 Released from quarantine.

Portsmouth 4 Nov 1811 Came into harbour.

Portsmouth 30 Dec 1811 Has taken a part of the convoy for the West Indies down to Cowes Roads, but the principal part remains at the Motherbank and Stokes Bay.

Portsmouth 31 Dec 1811 Has moved up to Cowes Roads with the West India convoy, the wind having come to the westward of north.

Portsmouth 1 Jan 1812 Remains wind-bound in Cowes Roads.

Portsmouth 5 Jan 1812 departed with the West India convoy.

27 Jul 1813, Bedford departed Halifax, N.S., with the Cyane, and Fawn, and a convoy for England, which appears to have included vessels from the West Indies.

Isles of Scilly 26 Aug 1813 arrived with a convoy from Jamaica and Nova Scotia.

Deal 4 Sep 1813 arrived with a convoy from Jamaica and Nova Scotia, which are passing through the Downs for the river, with a fine breeze from the south-west.

Teneriffe 18 Dec 1813 arrived the 14th inst., and departed today.

Teneriffe 26 Dec 1813 On the 14th touched at Santa Cruz, in quest of two French frigates, and having watered, departed again on the 18th.

16-20 Jan 1814 on the 16th the Venerable captured the French frigate Alcmène, whilst the Cyane and prize Jason went in chase of the Iphigénie. The Venerable subsequently captured the Iphigénie on the 20th. The Iphigénie (as Palma, later Gloire) and Alcmène (as Dunira, later Immortalité), were both added to the British navy.

Plymouth 12 Apr 1814 departed with a convoy for Spain.

Portsmouth 2 Oct 1814 Appointed to the convoy bound to Newfoundland &c.

Portsmouth 16 Oct 1814 Remain with convoy for Newfoundland.

Portsmouth 26 Oct 1814 departed with a convoy for Newfoundland.

Cork 2 Nov 1814 departed with her convoy.

Portsmouth 2 Jan 1815 arrived.

Gibraltar 13 Jan 1815 Remains.

20 Feb 1815 Cyane and Levant taken by the American frigate Constitution, sixty leagues west-south-west of Madeira.

28 Jun 1815 court martial of the officers and men of the Cyane and Levant held on board the Akbar at Halifax, Nova-Scotia.