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Cydnus, 1813
Type: 5th Rate ; Armament 38
Disposal date or year : 1816

1813 arming of the Eurotas and Cydnus.

Yarmouth 9 Aug 1813 arrived.

Deal 29 Aug 1813 departed for Portsmouth.

Portsmouth 29 Aug 1813 arrived from the Downs.

Portsmouth 30 Aug 1813 arrived from the eastward.

Portsmouth 2 Sep 1813 Is appointed convoy for the North coast of Spain.

Portsmouth 9 Sep 1813 departed with a convoy of transports with troops for Santander and Bilboa.

Falmouth 14 Sep 1813 arrived with a convoy of transports from Portsmouth, bound to Bilbao.

25 Nov 1813 Eurotas sent six of her 24-pounders on board the Cydnus, and received in exchange the same number of the latter's guns ; but on the 5th of the ensuing February, when the two ships again met, the Eurotas received back her six 24s and returned to the Cydnus those belonging to her.

4 Mar 1814 the Cydnus and Pomone captured a U.S. privateer, the 14 gun brig Bunker's Hill, with 86 men.

14 Dec 1814 distribution of head-money arising from the capture of American gun-boats and sundry bales of cotton, [per London Gazette of 26 Jun 1821].

24 Jun 1815, arrived Halifax, 7 days from Bermuda.

30 Jul 1815, arrived Halifax, from a cruise.

8 Oct 1815 arrived Halifax, from a cruise.

5 Nov 1815, departed Halifax, with the Attentive transport, for Bermuda.