Hired Armed Cutter Cygnet

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Cygnet, 1796-99
Type: Hired Cutter ; Armament 12
Hired : 1796 ; Disposal date or year : 1799

18 Sep 1798 in search of a brig that was reported to have anchored about 20 leagues to the S.W. of Lough Swilly - see p. 63-64--> www.naval-review.org/issues/1928-1.pdf.

13 Mar 1799 Plymouth, departed for the Mediterranean, with dispatches.

2 Jul 1799 Plymouth, arrived late last night, in six weeks from Jamaica, with the mails, which were landed and forwarded directly to the General Post Office by express. The Cygnet three months since carried out the mails to Jamaica ; on her passage she fell in with a large French privateer of superior force, which she gallantly beat off, by which means she carried the mail safe to the island of Jamaica.