Hired Armed Cutter Cygnet and HMS Cygnet

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Cygnet, 1800
Type: Hired Cutter ; Armament 12
Hired : 30 Jan 1800 ;
Disposal date or year : 26 Oct 1801
BM : 300 Tons ;

27 Feb 1801 departed the Downs the Cygnet with the lugger Vigilant on a cruise.

Mar 1801 HM Hired Cutters Cygnet and Vigilant recaptured the Ship John and Amy. A distribution of the salvage arising there from will be made on board the said Cutters on their Arrival at Deal, circa May 1801.

1 Jul 1801 re-captured the brigs Supply and Favorite, and sloop Prince of Wales. Lt John Walker, C.O.

14 Jul 1801 arrived in the Downs.

22 Jul 1801 arrived in the Downs, from a cruise.

14 Aug 1801 departed Downs, the Cygnet, Lt Walker, to join the fleet off Boulogne.

28 Aug 1801 in Dover Roads.

30 Sep 1801 will be paid salvage monies due following the re-capture of the brigs Supply and Favorite, and sloop Prince of Wales, in the Downs.

8 Oct 1801 arrived Sheerness from the Downs.

25 Oct 1801 ordered to be paid off from the Downs. [Which ties in nicely with Rif Winfield's date of the 26th in his book . 27 Jul 1802 notice is given that the Cygnet, copper-Bottomed, lying at Portsmouth, has been put up for sale.