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Cygnet, 1804
Type: Sloop ; Armament 16
Launched : 6 Sep 1804 ;
Disposal date or year : 7 Mar 1815
Disposal Details : Wrecked off the Courantine river : crew saved. Captain Robert Mussel.

Circa 24 Nov 1804 Capt Macleod apptd to the Cygnet.

23-25 Apl 1805 was a part of a squadron which captured off Boulogne the Dutch Armed Schuyts Nos 43, 44, 45, 48, 52, 54, 57, and 58, and the unarmed Transport No 3.

May 1805 Downs Station

24 May or 4 Jun 1806, depending on source, (Marshall p. 104 or Rif Winfield), with the packet Duke of Montrose, captured a French national schooner of 3 guns and 65 men, fitted out with privateer le Napoleon for an attack on British merchant shipping in Rosseau Bay, See also Wasp which observed the capture of le Napoleon.

27 Jul 1808 captured the Danish privateer Christiana, 14 guns, 60 men, on the Home station.

4 Oct 1808 captured the Danish privateer Giengielderen, 4 guns, 25 men, on the Home station.

22 Oct 1808 sighted by the Dowlaw signal station, near Dunbar, with her masts and bowsprit cut away and some of her guns thrown overboard, and the signal station reported the fact to the local flag officer at Leith Roads who dispatched the sloops Spitfire and Basilisk, along with the local lifeboat etc., to provide assistance to the Cygnet.

15 Dec 1809 departed from Basse-terre, Guadeloupe, with a small squadron in search of a French sqadron reported to be in the area. In subsequent days was joined by 2 sloops and 2 frigates.

17 Dec 1809 the French ships Loire and Seine were sighted and anchored under a shore battery in a cove at Arise la Basque, where the British squadron was joined by the Sceptre, 74. The French ships were subsequently engaged and destroyed on the 18th.

11 Jan 1810 with a squadron off Basse-terre bay, island of Guadaloupe, when the Scorpion was detailed to bring out the French 16-gun brig-corvette Oreste, which after a long chase she achieved.

Deal 12 Feb 1812 arrived from a cruise off Flushing.

Deal 11 Jul 1812 departed for off Flushing.

Deal 14 Jan 1813 arrived from the Texel.

Quebec 3 Jul 1813 departed with convoy for England.

Plymouth 3 Aug 1813 arrived from Quebec with a convoy.

Portsmouth 4 Aug 1813 arrived from Quebec (4 Jul) with a convoy.

Deal 5 Aug 1813 arrived last evening with a convoy from Quebec, which has departed for the River.

Portsmouth 9 Aug 1813 arrived from the eastward.

Portsmouth 19 Aug 1813 departed on a cruise.

Deal 4 Dec 1814 arrived from Portsmouth.

Cork 17 Jan 1815 departed with the West Indies convoy.