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Cygnet, 1819
Type: Packet from 1823 ; Brig / sloop ; Armament 4
Launched : 1819 ; Disposal date or year : 1835

10 Sep 1819 Went out of harbour to Spithead, and is expected to sail tomorrow for Cork.

16 Mar 1820 proportion of the seized smuggling cutter De Vos, [per London Gazette of 7 Aug 1821].

4 Aug 1820 Is reported to be fitting at Plymouth for foreign service, probably on St. Helena station.

11 Oct 1820 the Admiralty announced that the commanding officers of the following vessels now cruising on the Cape of Good Hope and St Helena Station, ie the Vigo, Blossom, Menai, Brazen, Redwing, Heron, Rosario, Shearwater and Cygnet, have been supplied with their instructions, should the right circumstances arise, authorising them to detain Portuguese or Spanish vessels in accordance with the several Treaties with foreign powers for preventing the Illegal Traffic in slaves with those countries.

19 Nov 1820 at St Helena.

10 Sep 1821 on the Cape of Good Hope and Mauritius station.

22 Oct 1821 is reported to have arrived at St Helena.

30 Nov 1821 remains on the Cape of Good Hope station.

6 Dec 1823 announced that the Admiralty have appointed the Magnet, Rinaldo, Beagle, Emulous, Plover, Cygnet, and Kingfisher to be based at Falmouth, and to act as regular packets between the UK and S. America, [this to include the West Indies too].

11 Mar 1824 arrived Falmouth from Portsmouth in company with the packet Plover.

17 Aug 1824 arrived Falmouth from the Brazils ; Rio (19 Jun) ; Bahia (2 Jul) ; and Pernambuco (8th).

11 Jan 1825 arrived Falmouth from New York (12 Dec) and Halifax (21st).

6 Feb 1825 departed Falmouth for the Mediterranean.

25 Apr 1825 arrived Falmouth from Corfu (13 Mar) ; Malta (23d) ; Gib (8 Apr) ; Cadiz (9th).

26 May 1825 departed Falmouth for Buenos Ayres.

7 Nov 1825 departed Falmouth for America.

2 Mar 1826 arrived Falmouth from New York and Halifax.

7 Apr 1826 departed Falmouth for the Mediterranean

30 Jun 1826 arrived Falmouth from Corfu (15 May) ; Malta (26th) ; Gib (13 Jun) ; Cadiz (14th).

24 Jul 1826 departed for the Leeward Isles.

10 Oct 1826 arrived Falmouth from the Leeward Isles, last from St. Thomas's

21 Oct 1826 departed for the Leeward Isles.

For further movements of Falmouth Packets try page 3 of the Royal Cornwall Gazette, available through the British Newspaper Archive, for a fee.

Dec 1827 packet based on the Falmouth station : Commanding officer: Lt. Jas. G. Gooding.

30 Nov 1829 arrived Madeira yesterday and departed today.

1830 Falmouth - Sloop of war fitted as a packet

8 May 1830 arrived Falmouth from Lisbon (2nd inst.)

21 May 1830 departed Falmouth for Lisbon.

3 Jul 1830 departed Falmouth for Lisbon.

1 Aug 1830 arrived Falmouth from Lisbon (18th ult.)

14 Aug 1830 departed Falmouth for Lisbon.

24 Oct 1830 departed Falmouth for Lisbon.

29 Nov 1830, departed Falmouth, Lieut. Gooding, in command.

25 Mar 1831 arrived at Lisbon from Falmouth.

11 May 1831 departed Falmouth for Jamaica and Carthagena.

26 Aug 1831 arrived Falmouth with mails from Carthagena (10 Jul), Jamaica on the (21st), Crooked Island (27th).

15 Apr 1832 arrived Madeira from Falmouth and departed the following day for the Brazils.

6 Aug 1835 sold by Dutch auction for 560, having started at 1500.