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Cynthia, 1796
Type: Sloop - Sliding keel ; Armament 18
Launched : 1796 ; Disposal date or year : 1809

19 Apr 1797 the Diamond, Minerva, Cynthia, Camilla, and hired cutter Grand Falconer captured the American ship Favourite.

13 Dec 1799 Portsmouth, arrived from the Downs.

24 Feb 1800 Portsmouth, arrived from Weymouth.

24 Mar 1800 Plymouth, arrived from a cruise.

25 Mar 1800 Plymouth, departed with the Fisgard, Sea Gull, Brilliant, and the Lisbon convoy for the Downs.

16 Apr 1800 Portsmouth, departed on a cruise.

30 Apr 1800 Portsmouth, arrived the Cynthia, Captain Malborn, from Guernsey.

24 May 1800 Portsmouth, departed with specie and sealed orders.

1 Jun 1800 a part of a squadron detached from Channel fleet to Quiberon bay and the Morbihan to aid the royalists.

Circa Aug 1800 Captain Dick, of the Discovery, is appointed to the Cynthia; and Captain Malbon, of the Cynthia, is promoted to the rank of Post Captain.

25 Aug 1800 arrived Bay of Playa de Dominos. Spoke with the St. Vincent schooner, who had parted from Captain Curzon. Troops landed from the transports without casualties and a fort with 8 x 24 pdrs., was silenced by the Impetueux, Brilliant, Cynthia, and St. Vincent gun boat.

25 Aug 1800 operations in support of the Army against the harbour of Ferrol on the coast of Spain.

27 Aug 1800 Renown, Bay of Playa de Dominos. Troops re-embarked by day break and departed under orders of Earl St. Vincent.

29-30 Aug 1800 ship's boats of the London, Renown, Impétueux, Courageux, Amethyst, Stag, Amelia, Brilliant, and Cynthia capture the French ship-privateer Guépe. See also p. 238, of Vol 4 of Naval Chronicle.

5 Dec 1800 the Florentina, in company with the Cynthia and Urchin captured, on the Mediterranean station, French Polacre La Union, laden with Rice; and Coffee, from Alexandria bound to France.

7 Dec 1800 the Florentina, in company with the Cynthia and Urchin captured, on the Mediterranean station, French Brig Le Bon Pasteur Retrouve, laden with Rice, Coffee, and Sugar, from Alexandria bound to France.

13 Dec 1800 the Florentina, in company with the Cynthia and Urchin captured, on the Mediterranean station, French Brig L'Heureuse Clairon, laden with Rice and Coffee, from Alexandria bound to France.

21 Aug 1801 entered the harbour of Alexandria.

21 Aug 1801 in the afternoon R.-Adm. ordered the Cynthia, Port Mahon, Victorieuse, and Bon Citoyenne, with three Turkish corvettes to proceed into the harbour under the direction of the Hon. Captain Cochrane, of the Ajax, a channel having been previously surveyed by Lieutenant Withers, of the Kent. The troops and seamen on board sloops, gun boats, and other armed vessels, reinforced by the Diane, approached the town, along with troops advancing from the East and West and on the 26th the French, despite having sunk many vessels in the harbour, realised they were now unable to defend their lines and sent out proposals for an armistice of three days to arrange terms of capitulation.

14 Apr 1802 letter received from the Narcissus having arrived Malta yesterday from Leghorn and Palermo, and having departed the latter on 11 Apr., having carried out manoeuvres for the King of Naples, in company with the sloops Cynthia, Weasel, and cutter Entreprenante. She also reports that the Medusa has brought and that the Victorieux brings the Definitive Treaty from Marseilles.

Circa 22 Sep 1802 Lieutenant Wright, of the Tigre, who so gallantly distinguished himself while serving on shore under Sir Sidney Smith at the siege of Acre, is promoted to the rank of Commander, and appointed to the Cynthia sloop of war, vice Dick.

3 Nov 1802 the Prince of Wales packet, arrived Falmouth in 12 days from Lisbon, where she reports that she left H.M. vessels Cynthia and Vincego in the Tagus.

10 Nov 1802 the Duke of York packet, arrived Falmouth in 8 days from Lisbon, where she left H.M. vessels Cynthia and Vincego in the Tagus.

24 Nov 1802 the Cynthia remained wind bound at Gibraltar, and will depart for the Tagus and England the first fair wind.

29 Nov 1802 departed Gibraltar for the Mediterranean Squadron, last sighted off Sardinia.

3 Dec 1802 remained in the Tagus when the Falmouth packet departed for England.

15 Dec 1802 departed the Tagus for Gibraltar.

17 Dec 1802 arrived Gibraltar from Lisbon with mail.

19 Dec 1802 the Cynthia experienced a dreadful storm at about 4 o'clock that morning and departed the Bay. The summit of the Rock was observed to have caught fire from the lightning, and many ships were firing guns of distress.

3 Jan 1803 the Cynthia, Capt Wright, departs Gibraltar for England the first fair wind with Capt Dodd, Secretary to his Highness, the Governor of Gibraltar.

23 Jan 1803 reported to remain wind-bound at Gibraltar.

18 Feb 1803 arrived in the Motherbank for quarantine, from Gibraltar, and brings home the mutineers who were pardoned by the HRH, the Duke of Kent at Gibraltar. I presume that these were the Army mutineers, the naval mutineers on board the Gibraltar having already been dealt with !

23 Feb 1803 departed Spithead for the Downs and Chatham to be paid off.

13 Mar 1803 arrived Chatham Thursday last from the Straights, [the Mediterranean], last from Spithead.

Circa 17 Nov 1804 Capt Macleod apptd to the Cynthia.-cancelled

May 1805 Chatham, to repair in Ordinary