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Cynthia, 1826
Type: Packet ; Armament 2 x 9 pdr ; 4 x 9 pdr carronades
Launched at Falmouth : 1821 (see Notes) ; purchased by the Admiralty 1826 ;
Disposal date or year : 6 Jun 1827
Disposal Details : wrecked off Barbados. Lieut. John White

The former merchant service vessel Prince Regent.

20 Jul 1826 commissioned by Lt John White for the packet service.

3 Aug 1826 Commanding officer Lt John White and Cynthia's crew arrived Devonport on board the Vigilant from Falmouth.

1 Sep 1826 fitting out as a packet at Devonport

2 Oct 1826 went out of Hamoaze into the Sound.

3 Oct 1826 arrived Falmouth from Plymouth.

3 Oct 1826 departed Plymouth Sound for Falmouth.

20 Oct 1826 departed Falmouth for Bueonos Ayres.

For further movements of Falmouth Packets try page 3 of the Royal Cornwall Gazette, available through the British Newspaper Archive, for a fee.

7 May 1827 White, departed Falmouth for the West Indies.

The following brief report appeared in the Nautical Magazine for 1834 : CYNTHIA, a purchased packet, thirty-two persons on board, wrecked on the island of Barbadoes, on the 6th of June, 1827, by accident, in moderate weather. All on board saved.