HMS Cyrene

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Cyrene, 1814
Type: 6th Rate ; Armament 20
Launched : 1814 ; Disposal date or year : 1828

27 Nov 1821 Is in commission and based at Halifax.

21 Feb 1822 it is reported that the Cyrene has been commissioned at Plymouth, and is fitting for foreign service.

19 Sep 1822 at sea in lat 14 35' N., lon 19 55' W, put on board the ship George Canning, of Liverpool, letters for a conveyance to England.

26 Oct 1822, detained in lat. 7 2' N. long. 11 37' W. the Dutch slave vessel Aurora, 142 tons, 25 men and 2 boys, which was sent to Sierra Leone, under the command of Mr Winsor, Master's Mate, prize master of the Aurora, with 180 slaves, for adjudication to the British and Netherlands Mixed Court of Justice, Sierra Leone, and unanimously sentenced to be condemned, and 179 slaves emancipated, one having died on the passage to Sierra Leone.

31 Jan 1825 destroyed two piratical misticos ; shares arising from bounty received will be paid 16 Apr 1830.

6 Jan 1827 In the East Indies.

Singapore 13 Sep 1827 Recently arrived, has now departed to Manilla.